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Acid reflux

Has anyone had experience with LO having acid reflux? We think my 2week old has it. It's really bad at night. Tonight she vomited everything but then wanted to nurse again. Just not sure what to do for her when she seems like she wants to burp or pass gas and she can't, she's arching herself, and seems like she's in terrible pain. She also does throw up burps and makes a sour face after and will randomly gag. 

Re: Acid reflux

  • Yes. My first had it horribly for 12 months. My third now has it also. Spits up every single feeding. Sometimes a ton and sometimes not. Is baby gaining and feeding well? Good wet and poopy diapers? For the discomfort ds has i bicycle his legs to help him when he's gassy and in pain. Also laying their belly across your lap helps too. I keep him elevated for a few minutes after feeding too. When my milk was first regulating during the first few weeks it was too much for him and it has since gotten slightly better. 

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    Yes all of my children have had this to varying degrees. I agree that belly pressure positions are best and be super vigilant about burping. If I ever slack off on trying to get a burp out, baby is bound to be crying and crying (and spitting up).

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  • Ds1 had reflux and was put on zantac. I didn't see much improvement on the medicine so I stopped after a few weeks. Eventually he grew out of it, but it was a long 6 months. Babies tend to over ear because drinking milk soothes their throat because it's burning from the reflux... Its a vicious cycle...

  • Yes, LO is on Zantac now, she's a different baby. So much happier now and not vomitting and screaming all day. 
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