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Low platelets

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Hi all! Sorry to jump back in with a question after being MIA for the last few months. I was a semi active poster in the first tri, but got a promotion at work and have been super busy working 50+ hours each week and I can barely find time to look at Facebook. So I've just been lurking the last few months.

Anyway, on to my question. I just got my glucose test results back at my 28 week appt today. I failed the one hour so I have to do the 3 hour next week. That alone I'm stressing about. But my actual question is regarding low platelets. They tested this at that lab appt as well and they're on the low side (120's/130's I believe). They've dropped from the 200's which was taken during my initial blood draw in the first tri. My dr told me that if it continues to drop, below 100 I won't be able to get an epidural or spinal. If it's below 50, they will be much more concerned. She mentioned possibly having to take steroids. 

So of course I started googling and am totally freaked out and upset. I had an epidural with my first, I don't know if I can do this delivery without one. Possibility of bleeding out. If I have to get a c-section (which Seems to be more of a possibility with this issue) I would have to be put under general anesthesia. This is also associated with preeclampsia, which I was borderline with my last pregnancy. Which is also scary.

Is anyone else dealing with this? Or dealt with this in previous pregnancies? 

ETA: I'm 28 weeks. My dr ordered a follow up blood draw to check platelets in 4 weeks. 

Re: Low platelets

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    I have no experience but I want to give you hugs! That sounds really scary, not being able to use an epidural. I hope your platelets naturally come back up, or at the most* use steroids and help them up to normal. <3

    *Edit: totally used the wrong word..

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  • They will retest right? I am routinely told I have low platelets but I actually don't. My blood just doesn't like the plastic tubes they collect the blood in and my platelets clump together causing it to look like I have super low platelets. 
    Ask them to restest and maybe do a manual count or at least look at the sample on a slide and microscope to rule out clumping. 
    When I was in delivering with my first, I was told I would have to be under anesthesia and get a C section if they couldn't get a good count. I demanded a manual count and after that the doctors came back in an apologized and told me all was OK. 
  • I have no advice as I've never experienced this before, but wishing you the best positive outcome. 
  • I normally have low platelets.  Usually between 100 and 130.  But that is my "normal"  I have seen them as high as 180.  They seemed to drop low after the delivery of my son but they were never concerned that I knew of.  Don't freak out just yet!  Just definitely retest and I would also hope they would do a manual count for you. 
  • Two of my good friends have ITP, which based on the steroid mention is probably what your physician is considering. One of them has it at baseline, she ended up on steroids, which made her emotions difficult to manage and caused her to gain more weight than she hoped from the constant hunger. That being said, her platelets bumped up right before delivery (which tends to happen) and she had a successful vaginal delivery with an epidural. She was warned the same thing, no epidural vs general anesthesia, which didn't happen. She now has a healthy 2 year old and is off her steroids. My other friend had pregnancy related ITP, she was monitored and never needed steroids. She also saw a bump in her platelets shortly before her due date and had a successful vaginal delivery with an epidural. She was also having issues with preeclampsia. She now has a healthy 10 mo. Its scary when they mention all of the terrible possibilites of what could happen. Hopefully it was just a one time occurance with your blood draw and your numbers will be better next time but know that many women exerience low platelets and many times there are no complications from it.
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  • Thanks everyone for your input! 
    @mc123mc yes, they'll retest in 4 weeks. I'm not sure how often after that. I think my dr wants to wait til
    then and go from there. Thanks for the suggestion! 
    @JustBored10 my doctor is concerned because of the drop from my initial blood work in first tri (I think it was around 200, now it's 120/130). Thanks for encouragement! 
    @SierraFoxtrot thanks for giving me hope! 
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