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Short Term Disability Question

 I know each state and employer offer different coverage.  I was hoping someone maybe able to shed a little light for me.

I live in New York State. The state itself offers Short Term Disability, I also purchased supplemental STD through my employer.  my question is when I go on leave can I use both?

My HR department's benefit coordinator recently resigned and the HR rep I spoke to was unsure, i'm waiting for her to get back to me.  

If anyone has been in a similar situation or is familiar, I would appreciate your input. 


Re: Short Term Disability Question

  • I  work for a company that administers short term disability. For the client I work with, you would get both state disability and STD from your employer, however the state amount will be deducted from the employer's STD. So for New York, I believe the current max weekly benefit is $170. Assuming your employer pays more, they will subtract that $170 from what they would have paid. And that comes out whether you actually file with the state or not, so definitely go for both.
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  • Thanks so much @kacw1025 That was very helpful!
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