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HDBD 06/07/17

We haven't done one of these for a few weeks!
I am amazed at the difference a few weeks makes as far as speech development. Birdie is obsessed with bubbos (bubbles,) Maui from Moana, and "Mimmie" (Minnie.) Here are a few fun shots from our last few weeks!
The first was on the train at our local park/free zoo. I told her to smile, and this is what she did, so I went with it. Second is quiet reading time with her biggest brother. She loves her "Abey!" (Andrew) Third, I'm sharing because of that pasta! She had the easiest time getting it (and keeping it) on the fork. From now on, I'm buying that kind of pasta! Finally, it's Miss Thing on our first 90 degree day of the year, enjoying a popsicle after getting home from the pool!

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    I agree! A few short weeks and her appearance changes so much... Brynlee is wearing 2T clothes, already! 

    This was her first trip to the campground. She loved every aspect... especially playing with grandma and grandpa's puppy.

    This is how I found her zonked out after her first time being left with a babysitter other than my parents! We all got a good giggle out of her "partied too hard" pose.

    The pizza had no chance of survival... this girl can eat! A full slice and a half, crust and all!

    And lastly, another silly one. We took the toddlers to a local splash park. I caught this picture as a total fluke, but we can't help but imagine she's thinking about not quite being beach bod ready ;)
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    The first one I love because it shows how cute her bottom curls are getting. And the 2nd,  she and our chickens finally love each other. 
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    Summer fun! We took Keat camping for the first time this weekend and he loved it since he loves being outside. 
    1. Keaton's first smore.
    2. Playing by the water on day two of camping.
    3.We went to the pool with cousin Ky last Thursday, he got so worn out he fell asleep in the pool
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    KFrobKFrob member
      I second the speech development!  Its amazing how fast Harper is picking words up and repeating everything!
    1. With her sister at the park
    2. After going for a run with mommy and daddy at the reservoir and then out to lunch
    3. With grandma, sister, and mommy at a local fair
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    KFrob said:
     I second the speech development!  Its amazing how fast Harper is picking words up and repeating everything!
    Brynlee's speech is crazy. Her (barely) older brother gets speech therapy, and his teacher just laughs because her speech is just off the charts for her age. She carries conversation... full sentences! And not just easy words! She can say words like alligator, giraffe, scissors, orange, and more! Blows my mind. This one's gonna be a hand full!
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    Mermaid pillows are so much fun to play with!

    We went to the zoo, and playing in the dirt was the most fun she had!
    sometimes I can't believe how big Evelyn's gotten. Her newest fun trick is jumping. She's actually able to get both feet off of the ground!  

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    Aurora is talking so much. She repeats everything. Not the clearest words but you know what she is saying. I can't believe how big everyone's baby's are and my little girl is still so tiny. She is in 12m pants and 18m tops. I feel like she never get bigger. But she oddly has big feet I think for her age, she's in size 5. 
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    I've been pretty absent, Violet keeps me running these days. I'm astounded by how big she is getting. She loves to snuggle, give kisses, eat, and play outside. And she still does not sleep through the night. But she's beautiful! She has lots of words, too! 
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    Wow, it's so crazy to see how big everyone's LO's are getting!  Belated, but I'll play!  Rose is 16 months now and her vocab has really improved since the ear tube surgery!  10 new words since the surgery and she's up to about 24 total!  So funny to me the words she loves the most - like sock ("ock-a") and quack (she has a LOT of books about ducks, lol.)  And when we were on a walk the other day she just kept repeated "Mom mom, dad dad, Achee (our dog, Archie.)  Melted my heart!  

    Anyway, here's my adventurous, happy 16 month old Rose: going down the slide head first, and clapping her hands in delight.  :)

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