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VBAC check in 6/3

Tell us how you're doing this week and anything you want to share about your upcoming vbac. Questions, concerns, accomplishments, etc.

Re: VBAC check in 6/3

  • Hey Mama friends!

    Doing well over here. I have had a LOT of pelvic pressure/pain this week ( this girl sit SO LOW in comparison to DS)  I alway immediatly think  that means I am not going to get my VBAC because obvs something is wrong with me ( Im a crazy person)  I dont have any questions but Im looking forward to a midwife app to talk more vbac with her and get some clarifications on guidelines.

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  • @soupin my second daughter was really low and I had a successful VBAC so I say take a low baby as a good sign. I remember telling my OB I was worried shew was going to fall out. This one is low but but not uncomfortable.....yet......
  • I attended a meet the doulas meeting and I was not aware that it was a speed meet kind of situation, like speed dating. I wish I had been prepared, because it was very overwhelming talking to 10 doulas like that. So many of them were likeable and had good energy, but it is weird having multiple people competing for my delivery. Not really any closer to a choice, but I've got some good possibilities. If you used a doula, what did you prioritize when selecting one?

    I've been very sore all over this pregnancy and things are happening sooner. Also struggling with getting sick often. Baby is doing great, although he seems to be on the bigger side. Hopefully he's just tall like his dad.

    @Souptin hopefully a low baby has been helping keep the HG away. Are you having to go to the bathroom constantly? 
  • @lilpoots Thats very odd and overwhelming way to go about a practice. I dont like the method, what if you make the wrong choice? If they had online profiles and you could pick 3 to meet with I would understand but 10 is just too much.  I had not made the connection of my HG to baby position but it has actually gotten a little better recently. Enough so that I can function mostly with out the nausea drugs ( I still need them here and there like today but overall its been MUCH more manageable)  I am peeing SO MUCH MORE!I am wearing a path into the tile from my desk to the bathroom.
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  • I'm a week late to the check-in, and haven't been a very active poster as for some reason there was a glitch that was preventing my profile from posting (too many failed login attempts, I think :| ).

    I have been seeing a local provider (a bit limited in choice as I made the error of choosing an HMO...  not on purpose, believe me) when hurriedly selecting insurance this last year.  After some initial hesitation, she was on board and seemingly optimistic about a VBAC at 18, 22 week visits.  We hadn't reviewed a VBAC consent form yet but would "get on it next time," however at our 26 week visit she AGAIN pushed it off until the next visit (which will be 32 weeks d/t vacations and July 4th office holidays) because "just to make sure there aren't any contraindications that come up."  A bit disheartening, but being a medical provider myself, and knowing that no contraindications have been raised, nor do I expect any to, I gave her the benefit of the doubt at that appointment and went about my day.

    I started to have a nagging feeling that she was (a) uncomfortable with a VBAC and, (b) reviewing prior conversations did remember that in our initial appointment she said she "had a great VBAC rate, but only because she chose her patients very carefully"... and in retrospect this is essentially an admission that she does not manage many VBACs.

    Yesterday (again because of the darn HMO), I got my referral approvals for antenatal, delivery, and postnatal care.  Listed as c-section only.  Thinking there must be a mistake, I reviewed the codes and indeed, my provider did not even request coverage for a VBAC.  After the complete betrayal, and disregard for my autonomy of my prior delivery... this is like a double whammy. 

    Per VBAC calculators I have a 75% chance of successful VBAC, or higher.  On par with the "Go range." I have no absolute contraindications.  I am a provider in women's health and I am therefore VERY informed of risks and benefits.  And it is so, unearthingly frustrating that without every fully evaluating me she has just "decided" I am a "cesearean candidate only."

    I have no idea if my insurance will even allow a change in provider, or if my provider's prior records will impact my chances of a second opinion. 

    I'm sorry to ghost/lurk for so long and then completely unload, but this is just so upsetting.  What a setback.  I want to VBAC in a medical center because I do believe that there are added emergency and safety benefits there (if you can get around all the unnecessary stuff).  And I would personally feel more secure in that environment, knowing those options are available to me. 

    My first instinct is to scream back at the system and just forgo all further care and have this baby myself.  But I'm a mommy and a wife already, and taking unnecessary risks isn't really something I see worthwhile (although IMO it would likely be fine).  So instead...

    My plan is to call the office first thing Monday and ask for clarification (as waiting for a 32 week appointment to find out I need a new MD might be a bit late), and I'm also looking into a local birth center with wonderful reviews and CNMs whom do provide VBAC care (although this would likely run me cost out of pocket).  If she has made up her mind (without medical documentation or physical examination findings) that she will not allow me the TOL that I said I was having since week 6... I will move forward with interviewing the birth center, and also seeing what my insurance might be able to offer in terms of a second opinion.


    End Vent.

    My body.  My baby.  Don't you think that if there is anyone MOST interested in a good outcome for both... that it would be me?


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  • @PKFMommie This is one of the reasons this thread is here, so welcome. I am very sorry your provider is being dishonest. I would be livid and probably confront her, but I'm not afraid of confrontation and I have a ppo. The birthing center sounds great. I hope you can negotiate it with your insurance as a vbac usually has less risks than a rcs, especially if you're a good candidate. 

    Does anyone here have experience with post partum hemorrhage or hypotonia in a previous pregnancy? 

    In good news, I am having a 2nd interview with a doula who stood out for me, later this week.

  • @PKFMommie  what did they say today?
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