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Breastfeeding class?

Has anyone done a breastfeeding class?  I know that Amma, BirthEd, Flutterby, Baby Love, etc all offer them.  Wondering if anyone thought theirs was great (or not so great)?

Re: Breastfeeding class?

  • I'm going to answer my own question, in case others come searching. We did the BirthEd combo breastfeeding/newborn class last week. Lots of good info. Not much that I hadn't already read in other books, but good to hear again and good for DH who is not a reader/researcher like me. It was also nice to meet two IBCLCs ahead of time, so I have less of a wall if I need to reach out after baby comes. 

    I will put out a warning that Nicole and Liz are modern/hip/sarcastic types (not crude, just cool moms who make jokes about boobs and sh*t). If you are super conservative, you may be put off and want to find a different class. 
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  • We did the BF/Newborn 101 class through Amma.  Thought it gave a good overview and prepared DH for how he can help with BF.  I will say that I don't think any class/reading/etc. can actually fully prepare you for BF.  It is hard!  I would highly recommend seeing the lactation consultant in the hospital and then following up with your OB or LC if you have any problems.  My daughter and I saw a LC three or four times before we finally caught the hang of it (and I had read ALL the things ahead of time).  We have been BF for 15 months now so you can definitely do it, just be prepared that it may take some extra work!
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  • We are signed up for this class next month. It was either that or the Amma one, and we liked the idea that a) BirthED is in Hopkins (and so are we) and b) we met the owner at a birth expo and I liked her sass. :) Looking forward to the class!
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