1st Trimester

Baby implanted low in uterus !

Does anyone have expierence with a baby implanting low in uterus ?

Found out a few days ago my baby implanted low in my uterus on or around my scar tissue from my previous c section, won't be able to see a pregnancy doctor for another 1-2 weeks !!

Re: Baby implanted low in uterus !

  • Hey! Weren't you in October 2015 too? Thought I recognized your name. I'm having another kiddo October 2017 lol. Congratulations! 
  • No hellon the c section part but my last baby implanted low and the midwife said most times it is no cause for concern. Imagine your uterus as a deflated balloon. If you put a spot near the oening and then inflated the balloon the stretching would cause the spot to get further away. Depending on how low this may not happen but it most often resolves itself. The section adds a different dimension though so I'm not sure

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