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VBACing twins

Hey all.
so I had a csection in June 2012, and a successful natural VBAC in June 2015. I am due with twins in November 2017. My OB has given me the awesome green light and strong encouragement to VBAC these littles too. She said we will know around 32 weeks if Baby A is in the right position to attempt a VBAC. So, assuming he/she will be, that's our plan.

Just wondering if anyone has VBAC'd twins in here. I have heard of lots of twin Mamas having csections but I want to talk to those who rocked their twin VBAC!
Me: 32 / H: 35
Married 9-19-2009
Baby Karrot 1.0 - 6.18.2012 - She's here! Via C-section @ 38 weeks.
Baby Karrot 2.0 -
6.25.2015 - He's here! Via VBAC @ 36 weeks.
Baby Karrot 3.0 - 3.9.2017 - BFP @ 9 DPO! EDD 11.20.2017 
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