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Isaiah's Birth Story

I haven't been as active here lately, but I finally typed this up, so I thought I'd share. 

On my due date, May 19, I took DD garage saling. I was determined to walk baby out. We got home around 2 o'clock and I went to put DD down for a nap. Like usual, she wasn't willing to take one.

I finally got her to lay down and went to the living room. As I was getting on the couch I felt a small gush. I went to the bathroom and put on a pad just in case. A few more small gushes came, and I figured it was time to call the doctor. We called my parents and told them they should probably come earlier than dinner time. Then I called the doctor. He said I should come in, but it wasn't an emergency since I wasn't having contractions. So we got Jocelyn up from nap since she wasn't sleeping anyway. We let her know what was going on. When my parents got there, we took off.

We got to the hospital around 430. I still wasn't having any contractions. They checked for amniotic fluid, which it was so we got admitted. We walked around the halls for a while, and contractions picked up a little. They weren't enough though. So I got my first super low dose of Pitocin at around 8:00. It had to be a lower dose than normal because I was TOLAC. The Pitocin got contractions going so they checked me and I was only at 3cm. The contractions were enough that I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist game and inserted the epidural. I had a weird cramping on my right side while he did it. It didn't take me long to realize that only my right side was numb. After a while, too long for me, the anesthesiologist came back and tried to adjust it. That didn't do the trick either. Finally after suffering through painful left-sided contractions, he took out the epidural and redid it. By this time it was about 2:00 AM. That did the trick, and I tried to rest. 

I couldn't rest though. I could feel every contraction as a pressure in my bum. By about 4:45 AM, the pressure was intense. I told the nurse that I didn't feel like I could not push. She checked me and surprisingly I was at 9 cm, but not fully effaced. The on-call doctor had just left, and the new on-call doctor wasn't there yet, so I was told to hold up. I tried, but it was nearly impossible, so I called the nurse in again. The on-call doctor was almost in, so she said, "I guess you might have this baby on my shift!" We did a few practice pushes, then the doctor came in. I started really pushing at 5:33 AM.

As I was pushing, Isaiah's heart rate dropped. Every time I pushed it would get lower. After about 25 minutes of pushing, they started talking about using the vacuum to help him out. I was all for it to avoid a C-section. I pushed again, and his heart rate was OK so that that I could keep pushing. The next contraction it dipped down again. They told me I either had to get him out with the next push or have a C-section. They had the emergency C-section and NICU team in the room. I pushed as hard as I could, and he was vacuum for less than 20 seconds. I had some nasty tears, but I got my VBAC! 

He was born at 6:03 AM. He was placed on my chest right away and apparently had a very short umbilical cord. They took him to be weighed and checked on while I was stitched up. I felt like I was being stitched up for hours after, but the recovery has still been better than a C-section.
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    Oh wow congratulations for your new baby, and for powering through a VBAC! Awesome!!
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  • Yay congrats for awesome vbac and new baby!
  • Congrats!!! What is TOLAC?

  • KMD1106KMD1106 member
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    Jens_Hoes said:
    Congrats!!! What is TOLAC?
    It's Trial of Labor After Caesarian. I didn't know it either until I started researching VBACs. They used the acronym a lot in the hospital. 
    May Siggy Challenge: Labor Memes

    Me:31 DH:32 Married 11/06/10
    DD: Born 8/23/13 (clomid+ovidrel+IUI)
    BFP 9/9/16 EDD 5/19/17

  • The vacuum was used on my baby as well and it helped right away or else I was going to have a c-section. I had an episotomy and a 3rd degree tear on top of that. So i feel you all the way. Thankfully you were able to avoid the c-section and everything is all good now. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! You're quite a trooper. Congrats on your VBAC also! You're so strong. 

  •  Congrats! So happy your labor went as well as it could with all of the obstacles! Something to be proud of for sure!!
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