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Toddler beds

Anyone thinking about making the move to a toddler bed yet?  Daycare just told us that they're planning to transition DS to a cot for naps in the next couple of weeks.  It's one of the milestones they need to hit before the can transfer to the next class.  It seems so early!  I'm hoping that he'll be ok sleeping on the cot at daycare and the crib at home.  I'm in no way ready to make the switch for bedtime yet.
for those of you with older kids, when did you switch?

Re: Toddler beds

  • Is it bad to say that I want them contained at night for as long as possible? Lol. But honestly, my son is 2.5 and still perfectly happy in a crib. I don't plan on switching him until he potty trains and needs to make trips to the bathroom at night...
  •      We switched because I am expecting with my second child. However we use one of those rail guard things that keeps him closed in for now. He loves it but isn't able to fall asleep by himself in it yet. I have to lay him down nearly asleep but after that he is good all night even if he wakes. I wasn't necessarily ready but we were given a toddler bed which beats buying a new crib...
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  • Birdie's daycare switches them at 1 year, so she's been on a cot there for some time now. They totally handle the transition--the workers lie down with them until they understand to stay and sleep. We are about 80% bed sleeping now at home. I try to start Birdie in her crib at night, but often she'll sleep on the twin bed in her room or with me. She's never fallen off, and I try to have the area prepped in case she does. I'm thinking I'm going to pull the front rail off her crib with the hopes that she'll prefer that if it doesn't feel so much like jail. I think she just is more comfortable with a regular mattress vs. the firm crib mattress, though.

  • Oh how timely, we were just talking about this this morning!  Rose has gotten the climbing bug and has been trying to get out of her crib, so we're thinking of transitioning to the toddler bed before she's successful/hurts herself.  Our crib can be modified into a toddler bed, so we'll just be doing that, but I'm hoping (assuming) there's some sort of a rail to keep her contained while she's sleeping because she rolls over like, 25 times a night.  I am worried about her getting out in the morning though without us realizing she's awake.  Probably will spend this weekend doing extra baby proofing in her room before the transition, just in case.
  • nackienackie member
    I'm glad to hear it went smoothly for those of you that tried it.  So far Zack doesn't seem to mind his crib and I can't see him staying in bed if he wakes up in the middle of the night and there's nothing keeping him there.  Hopefully he'll be willing to stick with the crib at home for a while longer!
    On the brighter side, once he masters sleeping on the cot, he can move up to the next level at daycare and it starts getting cheaper. :)
  • Having all of our bedrooms upstairs, I'm scared of giving them the freedom of a toddler bed. Both Brynlee and her slightly older brother are incredibly sneaky and mischievous and have gotten through baby gates a handful of times (*read that story below) and in terrified that they could do so for the gate that will be at the top of the stairs. Plus, my 2 year old is incredibly fascinated by his sliding closet doors (he loves to slam them).

    Yesterday, my two toddler crazies gave me a heart attack. We have an open floor plan, with the second living area concerted into a massive playroom (gated on both sides). I was on the phone with my mom and kept hearing noises upstairs. We have all the windows open, so I figured I was hearing things from outside. I was wrong. Both toddlers escaped the playroom and were upstairs, playing, happy and proud as could be...
  • @BarrettJ89 I'm impressed they were playing by themselves as happy as can be! My LO has a panic attack if I'm doing anything other than paying all my attention to her. Makes me look forward to having baby #2... Hopefully they'll be great playmates. But omg that would freak me out too, if LO made her way upstairs!! Her room is upstairs at my house as well. 

    I'm debating getting a toddler bed as well... I would be 100% happy having LO sleep in a crib until she is 3, but we have baby #2 due this January... So I either gotta buy a new crib or buy LO a toddler bed. I'm leaning towards the bed. 
  • Congratulations @fishee33! That's great news! 
  • Thank you! :)
  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    Okay, so I'm getting cold feet about switching, because Rose has just entered a phase where she wakes up and just reads books and plays with her socks in her crib (she can reach some of her books and socks easily from her crib) so peacefully and I do not want to ruin it!  Also, I was watching her try to climb out and since we lowered the mattress all the way, I don't think she'll actually be able to do it until she's a couple inches taller.  Like she can't get her leg nearly where it would need to be in order to climb out.  Would it be terrible if I just let this ride for another month or so maybe put some pillows next to the crib just in case I'm wrong and she can climb out?

    Edited to add CONGRATS @fishee333 !!!  :)
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    I'm due with our second baby in September but have no plans on switching Samuel to a toddler bed until I absolutely have to which hopefully isn't for a long long time. He sleeps really well in there so we're just gonna buy another crib for the new baby. I have this awful feeling he will start climbing out the second we bring this next baby home though! Lol

  • Keat is on twin size bed on the floor. He slept with us for a while during our move and got used to not being in a crib so he hated trying to go back into it. His bedroom has nothing in it other then his bed and a soft bench so if he wakes up there's nothing for him to do or get into, everything else is in the closet or his play room. We have baby monitor from his room to ours still do we can hear him. It works great for us! 
  • With the new baby coming next month we have Ramsey in a twin bed and he loves it! He also sleeps way better in it. We ask if he is tired and ready for bedtime and he gets all excited and climbs in his big boy bed. Our daughter needed a new bed too so I decided to order bunk beds that could be made into twin beds. It was way cheaper and at some point we will have kids sharing rooms. 
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