Pregnant after 35

Anyone diagnosed with preeclampsia with a normal BP?

I just turned in my 24hr urine I wait for results...I was induced nearly 13 years ago at 39+5 with my first due to high BP (I now know it was preeclampsia)...I'm advanced maternal age now...AND have gestational I'm on the heavy basically, I have all the increased risks for developing preeclampsia (again)...the difference is I'm only 30 weeks today...I'm educated on what it is and the risks and some of the protocols they attempt to follow in these BP is always in the normal range and I was put on a low dose aspirin by my maternal-fetal specialist way back when in hopes of keeping things smooth...but, I almost ALWAYS have protein in my urine and I just did the 24 hr collection...I know that if the protein found this time exceeds 300ppm it's considered preeclampsia...but is that true even with your BP being normal?...has anyone here been diagnosed with preeclampsia based solely on protein numbers in their urine?...if so, how did your doctor proceed?...bed rest?...hospitalization?...I'm just anxious and would like to know someone else's story to give me a sense of what may come...of course, I know it may all end up being something simple...but, that's not helping to put my mind at ease while I wait...

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