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  • *****TMI WARNING*****

    So, I was scheduled to have my Nexplanon removed yesterday, but had to cancel. Our phone service provider sold out to another company, and we didn't find out until I went to pay yesterday- now the plan costs $30 more than it used to, so I had to take the difference out of the money I had set back for the removal. 
    Anyway- I am so sick of this dang thing... The week before last I had a period, and I have been "spotting" thick, black clots ever since and it is disgusting and inconsistent. Some days its next to nothing, other days its heavy. It took me by surprise last night because it had finally stopped. Well, we decided to do the deed last night, and when we were done he went to the bathroom to clean himself up like usual and I heard "Oh my god!". So naturally I hopped up to see, and there he stood, looking pale and nauseated covered in thick, black clots. It was embarrassing to me, and even though he cleaned himself off like a champ and handled it well, I know how squeamish he is about that, and NOW he is concerned for my personal health. He said "Is that normal? To be black? Are you feeling okay?"
    Just shoot me. 

    I'm about to cut this thing out of my arm myself...
  • @AllyTheKid Oh my! Definitely get that thing removed as soon as you can. Take care of yourself!
  • I think its normal (normal for this BC anyway) and nothing to worry about, but it is dreadfully inconvenient, and incredibly unsexy. :/ I think it is only preventing pregnancy because it is preventing me from ever having sex in the first place...
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    Anybody had the laser eye surgery procedure? I'm looking into that after I graduate and am looking for some feedback.
  • I'm looking to do cool sculpting on my belly this month, has anybody else tried it?
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  • Never heard of it! @babysunshine4
  • @allythekid No laser eye here. @BabySunshine4 I've never heard of it either, what is it suppose to do?
  • Well I just read up on the CoolSculpting, and read some reviews. Quite frankly it sounds terrifying...
    Essentially, as with any cosmetic body surgery, they take a marker and mark down the fat peaks on your stomach. Then they place a towl with a freezing agent on the outlined area. Then a vacuum like machine is placed over that area to clamp down the towel and freezing agent, freezing and killing fat cells. The procedure takes approximately two hours and can be incredibly painful. Afterwards, a technician will massage the frozen fat back down into your abdomen, and the body will naturally dispose of the new dead cells.
    Recovery takes 6 weeks or more with heavy swelling and bruising of the abdomen, and lingering nerve pain that may or may not go away. Lasting results depend on whether or not the person undergoing the procedure adheres to a stricter diet and exercise regimine. 
  • Oh my!  I don't have a high pain tolerance so that definitely would be a no go for me. My cousin bought a Groupon for laser fat removal. She said that didn't really hurt but it was a waste of money because she saw no results. But then again, I'm not sure I would trust a procedure that I could buy with a groupon. 
  • Yeah, I'd pass on groupon surgery too haha
    I've read that the CoolSculpting DOES get rid of the fat, it just takes several weeks for the swelling to go away. And just like any other weightloss, if you don't diet and exercise, you won't maintain it. The fat will just build back up again. 

  • I feel like S's wake times are not long enough for her age. She definitely gets enough sleep at night (11-12 hrs) but it's a struggle just for her to be awake for 1.5 hrs between naps. Today she was giving sleepy cues just an hour after being awake. I almost had to give her 4 naps because she woke up from her 3rd nap early because she pooped  :s.  But I decided on an earlier bedtime instead. I really want to try to extend them. When we started sleep training it was going well with me starting her nap time routine at 1.5 hrs and she was mostly asleep by that 2 hr mark. Now that's a little different since she's been thrown off from me going back to work. 
  • If she's sleeping well at night, I personally wouldn't worry much about when and how much she naps, and just let her lead the way with that. Johnny is a bit of an eratic napper outside of the boys' one scheduled afternoon nap- he's ready when he's ready, if he's not he's not. I just follows his cues, sometimes he wants and extra nap, other days he only takes one. As long as it isn't too late and won't interfere with bedtime, he's the nap boss.
  • I read up on something called the extinction burst.  In short, its basically where LO starts off awesome but then goes back to crying more/longer because they are trying what they can to get you to come back.  I'm going to try to calm down and just go with the flow.  Last night was a bit rough though for both me and S.  I couldn't fall asleep for some reason even though I was tired.  She went to sleep perfect at bedtime, but then woke up at 10:30 which was super strange.  H got her back to sleep.  Then she woke up at 1:30, kind of strange also, but went back to sleep easy after nursing.  Then woke up at 5:30, this would've been normal if she didn't wake up all those other times.  I nursed her and laid her down awake as normal, but she wouldn't go back to sleep.  I left her in the crib until 6:30 and then bursted in saying Good Morning so she knows that is when to start the day.  I don't know if she is teething or something new bothered her stomach because she was moving to STTN completely (she had actually done this the night before).  She has been grabbing her ear and putting her hand in her mouth a lot which she doesn't normally do.  Who knows??  I'm not going to worry about it though, could've just been a fluke night.  I just need to start relaxing and not be so rigid with everything.  But I am exhausted today :(.
  • do you ladies have an opinions on formula? We just got tickets to come to the states for a couple months thanks to some family members and I have no idea what to use for formula in the US! The kind I use here in imported from Europe (SMA). Otherwise, is most formula the same? 
    *American lady living in Tanzania.
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  • @ladybug2821 I'm sorry you ladies had a rough night :( On the upside, it was probably just that- a rough night, and will hopefully not happen again tonight. If it does though, and you notice her continuing to pull her ear, she may be teething or have something else bothering her to keep an eye out for. Keep doing your thing, and do try to relax some!
    @kmolleltz I was just talking to SO yesterday about being excited for you to get to come back to the states! I use Gerber Sensitive formula, but I'm prettt sure all formulas are made similarly and are equally as good. :) 
  • @allythekid thanks! I am really excited and also nervous. No one has gotten to meet Abigail yet, and I havent been back in almost 4 years! It will be weird leaving DH behind but it just wasn't feasible this time. 
    *American lady living in Tanzania.
    DH - Tanzanian Maasai 
    BFP #1 - MC Dec 2, 2015 (@ 9weeks)
    BFP #2 - Feb 2, 2016 --EDD 10/10/16 --Abigail- October 6, 2016. Heart warrior.
    October 2017- Began fostering to adopt T, (DOB:November 19, 2013)
  • Where do the ladies in the short club find your dress pants?  I used to go to NY & CO but feel like the quality is cheap now. I like Express but I'm too poor for them right now. JC Penney had an awesome sale on their Worthington brand but when I got them in the mail, the pants didn't fit right. Not sure where else to look that's inexpensive. And I really just want to order online without having to go in and try on. 
  • @kmolleltz how exciting! It will be tough to leave H behind but you will surrounded by family who love you and who I'm sure are chomping at the bit for some Abigail squishy snuggles. Regarding formula I use Gerber gentle.
    @Ladybug2821 I wear JCPenney Worthington petites. I unfortunately belong to the no booty club so their pants fit me well. 

    Not familiar with cool sculpting and am accepting of #teamonepiece as of right now

    @AllyTheKid i am also interested in lasix but don't know much about it besides I won't be four eyed anymore 
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  • @ladybug2821 Dillard's petites is where my sister and I buy slacks.

    @brzvice Looks like I'll be researching that ad well! I was told by my optometrist "no surgeon wpuld touch you", but I'm pretty sure he's just biased and wants to keep my business and my money. There is a great place for it in OKC, and they do a free exam, so I think I'll spend a day up in the city and get my eyes checked this summer.
  • You guys.. I'm so overwhelmed! I'm looking into upping life insurance and speaking with a lawyer about making a will and it's all so confusing!
  • @Ladybug2821 Sometimes I can find slacks at the outlet stores. Particularly loft, banana republic, White House black market, and j crew. They always have good sales too!
  • @fitlady21 I've been thinking of this lately as well. As macabre as it sounds even funeral details I've been discussing. We just attended my Uncle's funeral (he died unexpectedly at 58) and his funeral was an absolute cluster&%$#. Obviously his relatively new wife of 4 years had no idea what he would have wanted because it was like I was attending a funeral for a total stranger.  
    I have no experience with planning these things or even using the services of a lawyer so please share what you can while you wade through the legal aspects.
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  • @brzvice I definitely will! Pretty much have the life insurance figured out. Still waiting on a lawyer to call me back to discuss the will. 

    Im also waiting on a milk bank to call back to let me know if I can donate or not. I drink about half a glass of mothers milk tea every morning and they said the fenugreek in it might disqualify me :/ 
  • I've also been thinking about the life insurance and will. I need to put a reminder on my phone to check it out tomorrow at work. 

    @fitlady21 Why would the fenugreek disqualify you?  I drink the tea quite often also but unfortunately my stash is small. I need to work on increasing it or just suck it up and start nursing in public. But I still need something for when H and I go out alone. 
  • @Ladybug2821 The lady said she wasnt sure about the affect fenugreek has on babies that small. She's going to call me back tomorrow and let me know if I can donate or not. I really hope so because both mine and my moms freezers are full! And I hate to pour it down the drain after all that hard work.
  • My last job was for a law firm (not a lawyer) and we handled estate planning. I can probably ease your fears somewhat although obviously probate rules would be a bit different per state. But a simple will is nothing to be afraid of and should not be expensive. Any lawyer should be able to tell you approximately how much a standard will of the type you are looking for would be before you agreed to hire him or her
  • @fitlady21 That makes me wonder about potential effects for our LOs. 
  • @Ladybug2821 I know! I'm going to stop drinking it. I started the day I came home from the hospital and never stopped. I got use to drinking some in the morning and now I like it. I'm sure the effects are fine because it's a minimal amount (35mg) but since I'm not using it to produce more milk, I should replace it with another tea.
  • @Kgridley27 I haven't spoken to the lawyer yet but the secretary said it would cost roughly $500. Does that sound about right? 
  • Sorry for the slow and late replies, everybody. I can't bump at the new job so I'm trying to catch up at home in between hosting/attending family dinners and keeping a small human alive also
  • @fitlady21 check out human milk for human babies website. I looked into this when V was hospitalized for jaundice and heart murmur after Dr. Wanted to supplement right away. I wish I made connections earlier on the site before I agreed to supplement with formula. 
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  • brzvice said:
    @fitlady21 check out human milk for human babies website. I looked into this when V was hospitalized for jaundice and heart murmur after Dr. Wanted to supplement right away. I wish I made connections earlier on the site before I agreed to supplement with formula. 
    I looked it up! Unfortunately it seems to mainly work through Facebook and I don't have one, nor do I plan on getting one.
  • Am I the only one who gets asked all the time how long I'm planning on nursing for? Or warned the baby will start biting?  It's like people are shocked and or offended that I still put my almost 8 month old baby to the breast. I hate to admit this but it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong or weird or something. 

    Truth is i never really thought about how long I want to continue nursing but know that I can't keep it up much longer. I feel sad and relief at the same time regarding this. Sad that my baby isn't as interested anymore and that I can't use nursing as an instant fix as I did in the past. We do cuddle and giving her a bottle is almost as rewarding so I'm not that worried about the lack of closeness. Sad that she won't get the  antibodies and nutrients from my milk for as long as I'd like her to. Sad that my body never produced enough for her even to begin with

     Relief that i don't have to pump anymore or plan my day on how when and where I'm going to either nurse or pump.
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  • @brzvice I get asked this ALL the time! I don't get why others care. I always tell them that I'll stop once she can tell me in a complete sentence that she doesn't want to nurse and why. Hahahaha usually that shuts them up! Honestly though, I plan on nursing as long as she wants. We don't have any teeth yet so I don't worry about the biting yet. I do hate pumping so I plan on weaning my work pumps down to once a day after a year and keeping all my nursing sessions if she will let me. She nurses 1-2 times MOTN, wake up, when I get home from work, 1.5.-2 hours later, and before night night time. If I'm home all day, she nurses every 2 hours throughout the day (even with eating a ton for breakfast, dinner, and a snack for lunch) so I think she will still nurse a good bit at a year. 
  • Regarding boobs- I've always been jealous of the A's and b's. I would love to throw on a bra and top and run out somewhere without having to strap the girls in like we're going on a journey to Timbuktu on a rickshaw. I usually end up in a sports bra and I've even been known to wear two bras. I also was an overnight case of growing DD's in 6th grade and girls and boys teased me so I've always carried around that (literal) baggage. I've got busty women in my family and so does H so we will cross that bridge when we get there with my sweet LO but I will definitely prepare her and teach her to love herself no matter what. It's the things I wish my mom would have told me or prepared me for that I sure hope will help her navigate this crazy world and hopefully avoid some of the stupid mistakes I've made ignorantly along the way. FWIW I love my mom and she is my best friend I just think she was raised different. She didn't talk much to her own parents about things. She also was young and I think waiting to have children for me personally will help me parent in a more mature way. 

    Sorry I'm so  ranty and chatty tonight​ gals, I've been in a funk lately and am missing my two best friends who live many miles away from me. 

    Cookies for reading all of that 

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  • @brzvice Rant away!  I actually feel like I've gotten the opposite.  When people ask me if I'm BF, they get so proud when I tell them yes.  No one ever asks me how long, they are just so happy for some reason that I BF.  Its kind of weird.  Luckily, no teeth here yet either, but I don't think about that too often.  I plan to go to a year if I can.  I do feel like BF/pumping is super stressful.  We didn't start off that great and had to use a nipple shield in the beginning and now she gets distracted super easy so that is annoying.  And pumping is such a pain in the a$$.  I always worry if I'll be able to pump enough and when I get my period, my stash ends up taking a hit because my supply dips.  But I am grateful we have gotten this far with no major hiccups.  On the boobs subject, I've also always been on the fairly large side, but can't say I've gone through the teasing or anything like that.  Honestly, if anything, I've gotten more good attention because of it.  But I used to hate how the smaller bras were so cute and the bigger ones were ugly.  That has changed quite a bit though.  I definitely want to make sure S and I have a good relationship where we can communicate well.  I'm going to be realistic because she probably won't tell me everything but I do want her to be comfortable to be able to tell me most things.

  • What size diaper are your LOs wearing now?  I know it will vary since they are all different sizes. S is wearing a 2 but I think it might be time to size up. I question it though because I feel like she's on the small side but the past week or so she's woken up wet and had a poop explosion yesterday. 
  • @Ladybug2821 Sounds like it's time to size up. My LO is in size 4 diapers and has been for a month. She's around 20 pounds. Whenever she starts peeing out of them and having poop explosions, we size up.
  • @Ladybug2821 Yes I agree that it is time to size up. V is also petite (15-16# probably) and has been in size 3 for a while now. Honestly this has been the best size yet where they fit the best w/ minimal leaks/explosions. Shes worn this size longer then most. She wore newborn for the longest , then ones for a while and twos only for a hot minute before we switched to threes.
    Also TMI here but I think the solid food poops are sooo much easier to clean up the the BM/formula up the back poops.
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  • @brzvice I agree!!! Way easier to clean up! Since starting solids we've only had one poop explosion (knock on wood!)
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