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Anyone here??

I keep checking back for new posts but this group doesn't seem active. Anyone out there? 

Re: Anyone here??

  • I just found this group because I'm moving to Orlando in 4 weeks. Im mainly on the infertility board. I'm looking for recommendations for a obgyn and a RE in the Orlando area. 
    Me  Hydrosalpinx(36) & DH 0% morphology (37)
    Jan 2007- started TTC ( temp everyday and opk and clomid used 12 cycles)
    Oct 2010- Natural BFP after 22 months TTC ( NO MEDS USED)
    Feb 2011- Still birth @ 16 weeks 
    May 2011- Myomectomy to remove grapefruit size fibroid
    Jan 2015- Essure to block hydrosalpinx
    April 2015 - 1st IUI  - BFN
    May 2015 - 2nd IUI - BFN
    Aug 2015 - IVF ER: BCP, lupron, Menopur, Bravelle, HCG (Trigger Shot) 12 eggs retrieved, 8  mature, 7 fertilized, 3 to blast, 2 passed pgs ( BOYS)
    Sept 2015 - FET transferred 2 embryos passed PGS (BOYS)- BFN ( NO FROSTIES left )
    Dec 2015- ICH Brain hemorrhage
    April 2016- Start Birth Control Got cleared for IVF/ diagnosed with MTHFR gene mutation/ HUBBY HAS ABOVE NORMAL MORPH/COUNT/MOTILITY
    May 2016- Start meds for ER 
    May 1- Start Lupron for long lupron protocol
    May 13- Started Stims 300 follistim,75 menopur, 10 lupron stimmed for  10 days
    May 24-  16 eggs retrieved,  12 mature eggs, 8 fertilized, 5 to blast. qty 2 day 6 AA blast. qty 3 7 day blast grades AA and AB.
    Have 3 NORMAL PGS TESTED GIRLS. 1 "INCONCLUSIVE" embryo still good for use.
    7/8- Started AF and Estraidol patches
    8/2- FET scheduled ( HUBBY BDAY!!!) and my clinic automatically uses EMBRYO GLUE!
    8/2- Transferred 1 6AA pgs tested girl
    8/15 - Beta #1 137 I AM PREGNANT!!!! EDD 4/20/17
    8/17- Beta #2 269 
    9/1- MISCARRIAGE. Baby stopped growing at 5 weeks 3 days. 
    10/19- Have Baseline for IVF#3. Fresh transfer.
    10/21- Start stims 300 Follistim 150 Menopur and Ganirelix 
    11/2/16-ER 43 eggs retrieved. 15 mature. 9 Fertilized. All 9 still growing but 4 are leading and are 8 cell day 3 grade AA.
    11/7/16- Fresh transfer of 1 embryo
  • @shauna43 Welcome! I love my set of docs at womens care florida. They have multiple locations that all the doctors rotate to.
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  • Saint Cloud new mommy here! Where are you located?
  • Hi! This board does seem pretty slow. I'm in the Orlando area (Winter Garden) and we're getting ready to start again on the baby plan in the new year. I struggle with infertility and we took this year off, it was really emotionally draining
  • Hi everyone.  I'm in the Orlando area (longwood).  39 ftm.  Had a chemical in January but just got bfp on Thanksgiving.
    I've been using crm orlando as my RE Dr. Jaffee.  So far I really like them.   
  • congrats Leesa! I'm waiting for CRM to contact me to schedule a consult with Dr. Patel.  
  • Awesome.  I just called and got an appointment.   It was fairly quick so good luck.  I have my first ultrasound since my positive 12/20.  Everyone has been so nice.
  • Hey! There's people in here! I haven't checked back in awhile. I am in the winter park area. Congratulations on your bfp @Leesa926 and fingers crossed for you @LuluMurph I just had my first on 10/31. He was 2 months early so we spent quite a bit of time in the NICU but we are home and having fun figuring out parenting haha
  • @mrsnt816, thanks!  I actually had my appointment today with Dr. Loy.  Dr. Patel is only working out of Celebration now.  It was super informative, and hopefully some magic will start happening :) 

    @Leesa926 how's pregnancy going?
  • Checking in from Jacksonville!
  • Hello from Ocala!
  • I'm in saint cloud also! Ftm ❤️
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