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Ok, so to preface I am terrified of flying and have only been on one trip via plane in my life (I was flown to a conference for work).  So I dont have a ton of experience flying to begin with.  

Me, my SO and our LO will be flying from the East coast to the West coast at the end of July.  I'm hoping for an idiots guide on what to do.  We will be flying out from Philadelphia (which is several hours away).  We will be leaving after work, parking our car, taking the shuttle to the hotel room the night before we leave.  Our plane leaves at 6 in the morning.  Once we arrive to our destination we will be getting a rental car (so will need our carseat and possible base).  I'll need ideas on what to pack, how to airport/airplane, how to help transition a 9 month old to a 3 hour time change and any other tidbits of information that might be useful (like how not to have a panic attack on the plane  )

Oh, also my little dude is breastfed so we wont be bringing or using bottles, and that we will be gone for 2 weeks.  He will be riding in our lap.  We have several carriers (an Ergo and a Beco) and will probably be bringing the Beco. We were told not to bring a stroller as the people we will be staying with have one we can use.  Most of the time we will be staying with family though we will probably have the occasional overnight trip while there.  

Any help is greatly appreciated

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    I'm facing this with an upcoming trip with our almost 1 year old. I plan to bring lots of easy snacks, small toys and a couple books. We're flying overnight both ways, so I'm hoping she will sleep most of the time. I plan to bring a pillow to lay her on in my lap so we can both be comfortable. I'll nurse her if a pacifier alone doesn't help to clear her ears.

    Try to plan as much as helps you feel comfortable, but you can always buy things you need when you get there. And a stressed mommy makes for an unhappy baby, so try to relax as much as you can. Good luck!
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    Update: we just got back from our trip. I did my best to keep LO awake before the flight, then nursed her as we took off so that her ears popped. On 3/4 of our flights she fell asleep nursing and slept at least an hour of the flight.

    As far as when she was awake on the plane she enjoyed books (new ones she hadn't seen), stickers and window clings. The thick, squishy window clings from the target dollar section were especially a hit because they stick to all sorts of surfaces in the airplane.

    It went a lot better than I thought it would, so try to relax and enjoy your vacation. Ours was a whirlwind but I'm glad we went.
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    I recently saw this blog about a mom who documented traveling by plane with her husband and baby twins.  Had some good tips that might be helpful.
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