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  • @Rhubarb7216 I'm glad your LO is growing and that your placenta has moved in the right direction. I'm sorry you have still had spotting issues. FX for no more spotting!
  • @lilpoots the placenta is now 2.5 cm away from the cervix. It was 1.5 cm three weeks ago, so at least it's moving in the right direction!
  • @Rhubarb7216 That so scary. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I'm glad the baby looks good and I hope you don't have any more scares. 
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  • @Rhubarb7216 I'm so sorry that is disappointing and scary. But I'm so happy baby is okay and it is still a good thing that the bleeding has stopped. Keep us updated over the weekend I'll be thinking about you :) 
  • @Rhubarb7216 I'm sorry about the new bleeding, I hope it's something as benign as an irritated cervix that just needs to chill. Seeing that is a constant mind f... Hugs.

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  • Thank you everyone for your kind words and support!
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