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Hi so i've had a rough go at having another child. I currently have a 2 year old who is a absolute doll. we tried for 3 years to have her and there was a miscarriage before her. We decided to try and have another a year ago. I got pregnant and had a miscarriage within a few weeks. recently I had a false positive pregnancy test, the doctor told me through blood work tested negative about a week ago. To me if feels like i had another miscarriage even tho there was no baby. I'm so depressed over this. i just want to cry constantly. Last night i decided that I cant put myself through this anymore and thought that i should just stop trying for more kids. now i feel worst.. I've talked to my husband about this but hes kinda a part of the no pregnancy problem. he has no sex drive and we maybe have sex once a week if i'm lucky. I feel so alone and depressed.. i dont know what i should do. 

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  • 40momma40momma member
    I'm not sure if I have any words of advice or comfort for you but just know that you are not alone in this struggle. This is a great sounding board, although a bit quiet as it's hard to stay around here for too long. I've found the TTCAL a bit more interactive but that really depends on where your mind is at. A mc or even false positive is heartbreaking. I read somewhere that infinity plus one is still infinity. No matter what stage you are at, when the hope is crushed it's never easy. Take care of yourself, hugs to you. 
  • I think you just need to give yourself time to recover from that false positive. I have had two MCs this year and as I go through them, I decide that I no longer want to subject myself to another loss. But that fades away and I build up courage to try again. I say try again when ready. Track your ovulation so you can hit the hubs up when it counts.
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    @sslager I have also become depressed after a second trimester pregnancy loss. I see a psychologist for grief counseling, and it's extremely helpful. It was hard to think of myself as needing psychological help, but I did. Pregnancy loss is a trauma. You have to grieve. If you are struggling, please seek professional help. 

  • @adirat you are 100% right a loss is a trauma. I actually suffered from PTSD after my loss.

    @sslager I suffered from depression before my loss and after I sunk into a very deep depression and was suicidal. You definitely need to see a counselor or a professional. On top of that reaching out on here or to friends is crucial. If you ever need to talk to someone with depression after loss I'm here for you <3 
  • Hi dear. I am really sorry about your loss. I know how much it hurts to face the miscarriage in life. Your story sounds similar to me. I had also sees the bad phase in my life and I never wanted to see the result like this in my life. I am a strong woman and never lose the hope in life. But after going through such phase, it betrays me but however my friend suggests me and helps me to get over it. Even after facing the miscarriage I never lose the hope and today I am blessed with the baby girl. I would like to say, you need to forget about the past and start a new phase in life. You need to keep yourself busy and take care of your health properly. In this phase, you need the complete support, care and need of your life partner. During and after the intercourse you should checkout the sperm counts which help in bringing the possibility to conceive the baby naturally. Surely it helps in bringing the happiness again in your life again.

    For you and your husband, it is the perfect time to make the changes in your life. After getting over the past you need to make the new phase in your life. You should take care about health. You need to make the changes in your diet. Due to irregular periods or less sperm count, miscarriage happens. You can take the proper balance diet daily and add the high nutrients and fiber diet. It helps in balancing the hormones and boosts the immunity system. If you keep in mind these points then you can conceive the healthy baby.

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