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September 2015 Moms


 Anyone have any experiences at all? We are paying $1700/month for our HMO and just can't afford this anymore (not that we ever could). 

Thinking of switching to MediShare. I've asked around and while they have a large network of participants, I don't know anyone with it. 

Hoping for any info, if you have it!

Re: MediShare??

  • keggenkeggen member
    Sorry, but I don't know anything about medishare.  I thought another post might help you get a few more readers that might know something though.  Good luck!
  • Thank you!!

    Very unrelated: I loved this board and felt free to jump in anytime. Feeling a little intimidated to jump into other boards. Feeling like an outsider who will be yelled at. Random and had to share that. 
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