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UO Thurs 5/25

Whatcha got for me this week? 


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  • I think crocs are awesome shoes... for kids. DS gets a pair every summer and wears them everyday

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  • @MyNamesTaken the biggest variable is how anyone handles lack of sleep and you're right, this shit isn't a competition, but a lot of people see it that way.
  • @lap018 holy shit yes! So tired! Toddlers are crazy! Lol 
    When people say the wait till baby here comment, I laugh. I slept better with both my newborns than I did 3rd trimester for sure. Every baby is different I know and this one could be the one who doesn't sleep ever. I just figure I'll sleep someday again! Haha
  • lap018 said:
    I always want to say "no YOU don't know tired unless you're pregnant with a toddler" I've never been more tired in my life, even with this BS second tri energy.. I was more well rested when DS was breastfeeding every 3 hours night and day. I'm effing tired y'all! 
    Yep this. I can't imagine what it will be like with a newborn and a toddler and working. I'll be so exhausted. 
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