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Dock A Tot a must have?

Does anyone have any experience using the highly acclaimed Dock A Tot?
I keep seeing this thing all over social media and it's supposed to be some kind of magic baby bed. I'd really like to try one because it would be great for co-sleeping and hello it's magic! Right?! I just can't swallow that $165 price tag on a product I'll only use for a few months. 

Thoughts and/or experience with this?

Re: Dock A Tot a must have?

  • I tagged you in the baby gear thread. It was mentioned a bit in there, but it may be worth resurrecting that thread since there are many options discussed there.

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  • I was also looking into getting one.  My DS had an issue with laying flat so we purchased a rock and play and that is where he slept for the first six months.  I really do not want to go down that road again because the transition from the rock and play to the crib was horrible.  I am hoping this dock a tot is as great as every one says it is.
  • @ColoradoHiker I've also heard these things are big SIDS risks. I don't know anyone who has one but they make me really nervous
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  • amow06amow06
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    Agree with the above posters about SIDS risk. It might be fine to use supervised, but the AAP recommends avoiding putting these products in your bed for co-sleeping purposes.
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  • @MrsVP614 thanks! I tried to search the board to see if it had been discussed before but I find the Bump app not to be user friendly :(
  • @ColoradoHiker supposedly they're supposed to be to made from very breathable material. I have a baby swing and lounge pillow so really I'd only use it for co-sleeping. The SIDS risk is something I'd have to look into more. 
  • @JustBored10 your life was my life! My baby also slept in a rock n play for six months and it was a sad sad day when  she outgrew it. The only thing that saved us was a sleep sack called the Zippadee Zip. It was an awesome transition from swaddling and the rock n play. In fact the Zippy comes in a bunch of sizes and my almost 2 year old still sleeps in one! She takes a 2 1/2 hour nap every day and sleeps 11 hours at night. It's one of my all time favorite products. Anyway,something you might want to check out for your next little one :)
  • @lap018 I thought about that too. I tried co sleeping with my daughter but I couldn't do it because I slept really lightly because I kept checking on her! My husband sleeps really deeply so I worried he would not be aware of her and would pull up the comforter over her head or squish her. I like the idea of the dock a tot because the sides on it makes it her own bed and would help everyone sleep in their own space in the bed. Also I read a lot of moms moved it around the house during the day for naps, tummy time, etc. And it makes an easy travel bed.  
    I'll probably end up sticking with my trusty Rock N Play but the Dock A Tot is intriguing. 
  • @lap018 Adding this to my registry now! This is what I've been looking for. 
  • @lap018 my DS absolutely hated that thing! LOL! But like I said he absolutely hated being on his back.  The first two weeks before we got the rock and play he slept on us all day and all night.  You will not know what is best for baby until they are here.  
  • lap018lap018
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    @lap018 my DS absolutely hated that thing! LOL! But like I said he absolutely hated being on his back.  The first two weeks before we got the rock and play he slept on us all day and all night.  You will not know what is best for baby until they are here.  
    This was just an idea as a replacement for a dock a tot, not telling her what her baby will like or dislike. This item just seems less SIDSy to me so I mentioned it. 
  • lap018 said: 
    I see what you're saying. I would look into somthing like this if I were you. The sides are mesh so actually breatheable and it has a night light for MOTN changes and even plays music. Also travels well as it folds up into a little travel case. And is only 60$ at target called a snuggle nest 

    We have one of these for DD. I thought we'd be using it all the time but we stuck with the arm's reach until she was 5 months or so instead. It kept baby close but in her own zone. We moved her to the middle of our bed at 5m but by then she could control her rolling so she wouldn't end up snuffed in the sheets. 
  • I just know my dog would think he finally got his own bed if we bought this! Haha but no from working in a hospital I've seen too many bad endings to man different co sleeping situations no matter how good the intentions... I'm already a nervous person I would end up in hives every night. I wish I could though! Seems so much more practical. 
  • My BFF has this and I totally registered for one! She raves about it! And her 3 month old loves it! We have space issues and won't have a this will definitely help!!!
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  • ***lurker***

    My cousin's wife had the snuggle nest on her registry that @lap018 mentioned and I totally got that and the boppy for her in a heartbeat! Not sure how much they ended up actually using it tho.  For us we have a Queen and plan to sidecar a minicrib anyway, bc I feel like you'd need to have a King for baby to fit between you like in the picture.

    I will also have a free baby box courtesy of a program in my state, that I can move around the house. (And probably a rock n play, too.)

    GL!  Lots of possibilities!
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  • JNR6510JNR6510
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    @BusinessWife I love the baby boxes! I wish our state would participate in the baby box programs. 
  • amow06amow06
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    I would stay away from anything that goes into the bed. This goes against AAP guidelines and is a SIDS risk. Not trying to stir up conflict, but I work in the medical field and I would strongly urge against anything in the bed with you.
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  • I bedshared with my infant at 4 months to 2 years. The 4 month sleep regression is no joke. 
  • I have been eyeing the Halo bassinet swivel sleeper that pulls right up to the bed. I would be wayyyy to anxious to put anything in the bed with me. I know to each their own but, there is way too much well documented information about the dangers for me to risk it. I can see how maybe these are good for living room or even bringing babe to a friends house or something but, I don't think I would feel comfortable using this unsupervised overnight and especially not in the bed. 


  • jlf1019jlf1019
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    I considered a dock-a-tot because it seemed like a great way to eventually transition baby into their crib (or any other sleeping environment) -- they'd still be sleeping in the exact same bed, technically, so it wouldn't be as much of a shock to them. However when I researched it more, Dock-a-Tot actually tells you it's not supposed to be used in a crib. So that cut down the interest a lot for me. We co-slept a little with my daughter, but only once she was a month old or so and we actually just held her the whole time. Otherwise, she slept in the top part of the pack-n-play or the rock-n-play. Our bed is a queen, and I don't know that we'd feel like we have enough room if we put the dock-a-tot in there. So if I'm just needing something soft to lay her on occasionally, I think I'll just go with a boppy lounger instead. Seems nuts to pay $160 for a pillow! 
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