HDBD 5/24 — The Bump
January 2016 Moms

HDBD 5/24

We missed a week! Let's see those babes! 

Brynlee loves big brother <3 please, let them always love each other this much...

She's undoubtedly my wild child...


Re: HDBD 5/24

  • Birdie is wild, too! Yesterday, she tried to take a flying leap off the sofa, and luckily, I was close enough to grab the back of her shirt. This one is gonna give me a heart attack, for sure. These are a little out of order--1 and 3 are from our visit to our local free zoo. The middle is her new swimsuit. I put it on her and she just turned and turned in circles. She was so proud!
  • krrpe99krrpe99 member
    I was taking a selfie with Ev, and I actually got a clear picture of her whacking me in the head. I'll be keeping this one!
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  • KFrobKFrob member
    Harper lost her stuff on the carousel!
  • TRA0816TRA0816 member
    First camping trip and S'mores by the fire! Lucky for me he didn't care to much for the fire!
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