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  • @GlitterFish, genuinely curious ... why the duggars?? 

    We're watching handmaid's tale and master of one right now along with John Oliver always. We will always watch GOT and TWD. Can't wait for season 2 of Strangers things. My favorite series of all time has to be The Wire, though. I love TV
  • The inner llama in me exclusively loves dramas. I can't do light-hearted TV or comedies.

     My favourites are: 

    • Game of Thrones (new trailers out!!)
    • Breaking Bad
    • True Detective (Season 1)
    • The Shield
    • Oz (it's been a long time since I've seen it, but it was the first HBO show I ever watched)
    • True Blood (sookeeh...)
    • Justified (especially the later seasons. I would marry Boyd Crowder)
    • Rome
    • Firefly!!!! (Seriously, watch this show if you haven't already)
    • The OA
    TV that I want to watch/finish: 
    • The Wire (still have to watch the final season)
    • Deadwood
    • The Walking Dead (Stopped watching because I hated the first season. I need to give it another chance).
    I clearly have a penchant for HBO.

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  • rnw2019rnw2019
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    @BusyZee They're based on the AOGG books. There was a miniseries in the 80's, which I definitely recommend if you enjoy that kind of thing. Then for some reason two new versions just came out within several months of each other! 
  • kat0607kat0607
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    The original Anne of Green Gables movies are my JAM. I can't bring myself to watch the new one on Netflix because I don't want to be disappointed.

    @rjoys8 totally agree with you about Negan and the tiger. I just honestly don't really like his character!! They're definitely staying true to the graphic novels but everything he says sounds so rehearsed and is a monologue. Not sure if that's a problem with the actor or the character haha. And yeah when I saw the tiger I was like okay...this is a little far fetched hahaha (As if a show about the zombie apocalypse isn't far fetched)
  • I love that there are so many GOT fans here!!!!! Can't wait for this season!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • @rae1-3 The premier is literally on my due date, and I seriously hope the hospital gets HBO lo!
  • lph4248lph4248
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    @lanie1000 ;SYTYCD is adults again this season! YESSS!
    @spongeworthy I think we are TV twins.

    We just blew through Master of None season 2. I'm grieving that it's already over. Better Call Saul is such a good show. It's one that I don't actually get very excited about in between episodes, but once it's on, I'm 100% in it. I used to watch TWD and GOT but I had to start prioritizing my ability to sleep through the night. It was around the time I started the PhD program and was stressed beyond belief. I loved them a few years ago though. We also like The Last Kingdom (Netflix), which I don't think anyone has mentioned.

    I was a hardcore Friends and Will and Grace fan growing up. I am SO excited Will and Grace is coming back this fall. I also love a lot of British TV shows, like Coupling, AbFab, and Sherlock. Man, I'm going to miss having the freedom to watch TV once this LO starts toddling *sobs*
    ~DD arrived July 4, 2017~
  • @lph4248 thank goodness!!! I can watch again! 
  • We do a lot of political/news shows I guess. Real Time, Last Week Tonight, Vice, United Shades of America

    I watch Once Upon a Time just because I got hooked on it long ago, but I feel like it's gone downhill. Same with Modern Family. 

    Currently doing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Master of None on Netflix. I also binge OITNB whenever it comes out. Also super excited for new Arrested Development.

    Bachelor(ette) are a guilty pleasure show. HGTV and Food network are great for background noise. 

    Also obsessed with the new Planet Earth 2. We keep re-watching that. 

    Can't wait for more Game of Thrones! And Will and Grace coming back!

    Some of my favorites that aren't around anymore were Downton Abbey, Dexter, and the Office. Shelock was great too. 

    I'm realizing that I watch a lot of TV in typing this out....
  • @Dovahkiin_99 last couple of posts I feel like we'd get along IRL, lol. 
  • @Dovahkiin_99 last couple of posts I feel like we'd get along IRL, lol. 
  • We're currently obsessed with Newsroom (its new to us. Lol), Life in Pieces, Modern Family, This Is Us, and SNL. We're not really huge TV watchers since we don't have cable. We're bigger into movies. We do watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon shows though. 
  • I don't think I saw some of these which is disappointing because I want them all to sTay on for more seasons!

    Designated Survivor
    Amazing Race
    America's Got Talent
    Big Bang
    John Oliver
    Brooklyn 99
    Modern Family

    Old ones I miss:
    Brothers and Sisters
    Desperate Housewives
    Burn Notice
    White Collar
  • acstec1acstec1
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    I feel since I've been on modified bedrest I've been watching a little too much TV.

    TV: Chicago series (Fire, PD & medicine, NOT justice), SVU, Modern Family, Ballers, The Middle, American Housewife, Will&Grace (reruns), Sex and the City, House Hunters, Fixer Uppers

    Netflicks: Orange is the New Black, HIMYM, Narcos, 13 Reasons Why, Friends, Night Shift, Fuller House, Bloodline
  • I watch a lot of animated shows; Archer, Bobs Burgers, American Dad and The Simpsons. Those are usually my background shows too, along with HGTV. 

    I also just started watching Master of None and I love it! 

    @rjoys8 I just blew through the new Anne of Green Gables series (Anne with an E) on Netflix in three days. I LOVED it. I think it's really well made and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    Of the shows that have ended already, I love Downton Abbey, Parks and Rec, Monk, Psych, Will and Grace, Futurama, and Everybody loves Raymond. 

    I also watch SYTYCD, and this season is back to normal (I didn't even watch the kid one because I had no interest) and Mary is back as a judge, so yay!! I think/hope it'll be a great season this summer! it's the only "reality/competition " kind of show I watch. 
  • fioripfiorip
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    @acstec1 same here, also on modified bed rest and TV has been my life for the past few months. 

    I've been able to catch up and all shows I used to watch but stopped because I didn't have the time to see them all.

    I recommend Shameless, Homeland, Gotham, Mozart in the jungle (Amazon), Master of None, Transparent.

    I also recently discovered TLC and I'm obsessed. I watch almost every horrible show and can't stop watching! 
    I'm 29, husband is 30
    Together since 2006
    Married 01.17.15  <3

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  • +1 to mozart in the jungle and catastrophe.  forgot all about the amazon shows.
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  • lph4248lph4248
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    @PurplePoppy424 We LOVED Newsroom. I was heartbroken when it ended.
    ~DD arrived July 4, 2017~
  • @acstec1 I love that you listed The Middle! It is seriously hilarious!! I can watch any ep, any time and laugh for 30 minutes!

    I love and miss Dexter and Will & Grace. There are many others but I just can't think right now. Since LO is here, I almost never have the TV on, but deep down I could probably watch crap nonstop if I had the chance. LOL 

    I am HUGE on documentaries and Netflix provides a never ending list of them!! I also will watch anything history related. Any '30 for 30', sports documentaries about the greats in sports history I could watch. 
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