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OK, now that we've accepted the reality that our kids are going to be watching at least a little TV--whether from being around bigger siblings, or from mom just needing a shower, what do your little ones watch?
I'm pretty particular, for the most part. Birdie primarily watches Daniel Tiger and a great series on Netflix called Puffin Rock. (It's so tame. I love it.) My sister gifted her with the entire Baby Einstein DVD collection, and while I know they're not doing her any "good," she loves them, and I don't mind them. The only other thing I really let her watch is Moana, which she really only watches the musical numbers, but really likes, and I will play Laurie Berkner videos on Youtube.

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  • KFrobKFrob member
    I try not to have the TV on in the background while I do things, but when her older sister is around (we have custody 50%) or when my DH is home it tends to be on more.  Then its usually the news or one of the shows my stepdaughter watches (Sofia and the like).  The only time I purposely plop her down with a device is when I'm trying to fit in my 30 Day Shred when DH isn't home and I need to occupy her.  I'll give her my phone with Fantasia 2000 on and parental lock the screen so she can't stray from it.  She loves it!  I'll also throw on some documentaries on animals that are geared towards kids.    
  • I'm horrible and my little guy watch's TV, not a lot but the rare occasion my DH has to put him to bed he watches a movie, when we are on a drive that's longer then 30-40 minutes we put the DVD player on in the car and on Sunday mornings my DH normally puts a movie on for him while we cook breakfast together.  My little guy LOVES Zootopia, like loves it, it's his favorite. He has favorites he will play attention to we try to mix it up sometimes but he likes what he likes for sure. Zootopia, Moana, Home, Finding Dory, and Secret Life of Pets. All of them but Moana are on Nexflix. He doesn't really like shows he likes movies more. 
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  • I must say I'm bad with putting a show on for her. Not a lot, but she does watch it at some point in the day. Usually when I'm trying to make breakfast or dinner. She lovesssss paw patrol and wild kratts. She doesnt sit and watch the whole thing but she will tune in and out, especially musical numbers. Wild kratts is an animal show so she loves that. I feel guilty letting her watch tv but we are outside and out and about most of the day so its ok I think. The tv is usually on for half an hour a day. Some days it wont be on at all, weather permitting.
  • I'll usually put on a show when I'm trying to cook dinner, shower, etc. Mine love love loves Thomas the train. He also likes Daniel Tiger and anything animal related. He's still into a couple of the baby Einstein videos. TV will usually occupy him for about 20 minutes and then he's on to the next thing!!
  • Gina likes Daniel tiger and doc mcstuffins. These are the only 2 shows that will actually grab her attention for more than 2 minutes. I put tv on for her when she's having her afternoon snack or when trying to prep dinner. 
  • krrpe99krrpe99 member
    We pretty much only watch the Baby's First channel. It's all stuff aimed at youngsters. We watch it at breakfast and lunch to aid the eating process. Ev has only recently been interested in watching and getting excited at certain programs. 
  • @krrpe99 we use TV at mealtimes too. If we don't, all his food ends up on the floor... 

    we do do a lot of movies mostly because I can't stand a lot of the kid shows. I will admit I tend to have the TV on as background noise because I can't stand the quiet. DS seems to have little to no interest in the TV unless it's meal time or I put on Moana to get us through the last hour to dinner time if we've had a rough day with no afternoon nap. 
  • 23Tez2323Tez23 member
    We drive to the in-laws and bring Dora on a tablet. They're 9 hrs away so when it starts to be intolerable we put it on. Other than that we are pretty much screen free, so Dora makes her zone out immediately. 
  • l4rkl4rk member
    My LO doesn't know kids' TV exists yet so she's stuck with my trash on in the background for now... I tried to get her to watch Magic School Bus a few months ago but she wasn't interested.
  • @l4rk Mine barely knows it exists either. I put on HGTV for background noise and he couldn't care less. The only time I use TV to my advantage is to get us through the last hour or so of a rough day when he's screaming bloody murder.  Then we watch Disney movies. Wall-E, Wreck it Ralph, and Moana are the favourites at the moment. He's really not interested in cartoons either. Oh well. I'm ok with it.
  • Luke LOVES Bubble Guppies. He likes Baby Einstein and Peppa pig also. We try to limit TV but as long as he gets plenty of exposure to other things I try not to worry about it too much
  • TRA0816TRA0816 member
    We do about 30 minutes of tv in the evening. It helps gear my wild child down for bed. It's usually bath time, tv, cuddles/books, then bed. I found a you tube channel called Little baby bum that has nursery rhymes and abcs/numbers/shapes videos. It holds his attention because it is all music. It's tolerable for me and helps him settle.
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