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We've overhead other babies babbling the same "words" as our little guy, other than dada, mama, and hi...like "aah-yatt" and "hebb."  I don't know if babies usually say a lot of the same sounds as each other, but, since it's all so cute, what are your little ones saying? We've had a couple of days of trying to figure out what "ah-boo-ah" means, and he's so happy when we repeat it :)  

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    We get "ana-na-na-na" and "baba" along with mama and dada. And he does a lot of sounds where he also covers and uncovers his mouth to change it. And his favorite is "Ah-duh". 
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  • Joshua also started saying "ike!" over and over, and I realized he might be imitating my "ok," which I say anytime we're going to do something different (like go walk the dog).
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