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Weekly Symptoms Thread 5/22

How far along are you and how are you doing this week?

Me: 32 DH: 32
Married: 10.15.16
BFP: 12.24.16
DS BD: 8.20.17

Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread 5/22

  • k8ywagsk8ywags member
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    I think I'm possibly either getting Branxton Hicks or the baby is pushing out really hard against the bottom of my stomach. It feels really tight and a lot of pressure for a few minutes and then it eases again. Is this normal? I'm 23 weeks
  • Sounds like Braxton hicks... which are totally normal especially now. I've been getting them since like 12 weeks this time which freaked me out at first but, apparently some STM can start to notice them much earlier. Sometimes mine are so intense (not painful just uncomfortable) that it feels like I can't even stand up all the way from the tightness. It even can look as though the baby is vaccum sealed in place when you get a really strong one... it creeps me out. 


  • @OmSweetOm I'm a stm and I started getting Braxton hicks very early this pregnancy as well. They are so weird. 
  • 21+3 and I'm feeling good besides dealing with terrible allergies the last two weeks. I haven't had any pregnancy related issues for a while, which is fantastic!

    Thankful it's going to rain ALL week to wash away all the pollen. I've never been more happy for rain. 
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  • bnmort8bnmort8 member
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    21 weeks and 6 days

    Baby is moving so much! Hubby I believe scared her yesterday when trying to talk to her was very funny. Not much more going on feeling great.

  • k8ywagsk8ywags member
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    @OmSweetOm That's exactly what it feels like! It's so weird!
  • Despite my awesome prenatal massage Friday, I think I'm going to have to give in and go back to the chiro. I haven't been since October, but my lower back is really bothering me now.

    Me: 32 DH: 32
    Married: 10.15.16
    BFP: 12.24.16
    DS BD: 8.20.17

  • 23+1, 2nd pregnancy. This is going to sound weird, but my crotch hurts. Not my cervix, not inside, but the outside of my crotch, like I have been riding a bike for too long.
  • 21+5 FTM
    Lightning crotch (I think) has hit. I was on a stationary rower and all of a sudden had a sharp jab right in my cervix when I was mid-row. It happened twice in succession, which was my prompt to quit rowing. Looks like workouts are getting even further modified....
  • @sarahufl I get the same soreness down there after I work out (especially running).  I think it is due to all the blood flow plus the muscles relaxing.
  • @sarahufl I get the same soreness down there after I work out (especially running).  I think it is due to all the blood flow plus the muscles relaxing.
    Yeah, I haven't been exercising, per se, but H and I are in Italy with DD and have been walking a ton and riding trains and stuff.
  • 24 weeks today!

    My abdomen has been sore for a few days. Like the bottom/underneath my bump. It's sore like I pulled something. It doesn't come and go, it's uncomfortable/mildly painful all the time. My core was weak to start with, so maybe it's just the muscles of my abdomen? 
  • @sarahufl and @JustBored10 I've been getting the same thing. One day last week after running, I was so sore that I could barely move. I asked my midwife about it and she wasn't concerned. But, it sucks!
  • @mamaofthegarden I love to run but it has not agreed with me at all this pregnancy.  I use to do 3-5 miles a few times a week but I start to feel cramping just into my first mile so the only time I run is at cross fit and that is only when it is 800 meters or less.  Oh how I miss my long runs and alone time... 

    I also checked with my midwife when I first started experiencing the soreness and she also was not concerned.
  • @jenna333-2 If it does not come and go with any particular movements I would contact your doctor.  Also maybe a pregnancy belt would help? I hope it resolves soon!
  • @justbored10 I had a similar schedule prior to getting pregnant...3-6 miles 3x/week. Currently I'm at 3 miles twice a week on a good week, and I'm SO SLOW! Not sure how much longer ill be able to keep it up. 
  • @jena333-2 I've had similar pain periodically - it will last a few days and then go away for a couple of weeks. For me it seems to mean my bump is going through a growth spurt. It's not terribly painful but sore and uncomfortable. I think it's stretching ligaments and muscles.
  • 23+5

    Feeling really good! I get pain in my left lower back/hip area (sciatica?) but if I change position I'm okay. I'm also getting lots of kicks that feel really weird. Like I'm getting booted in an organ or something. Not painful but a slightly unpleasant feeling. Then LO moves around and kicks at the front and I can't stop touching my stomach. Lol
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  • i need some sleeping advise. swelling seems to be the norm at this point. one of my pregnancy class instructors said that i'll figure out my swell pattern and that there are ways to helps manage it. i eat well enough and drink like a gallon of water a day...but here's the big problem:
    i wake up swollen. as i sleep i can feel my arms and hands swell. it's painful. as soon as i wake up, my hands are so swollen that i can barely move them. i can't make a fist, nor can they straighten out all the way. while i sleep i try to sleep on my sides with my bottom arm straight out and up/elevated kind of under my head and the other arm straight on my hip. if i bend my arms in any way, my hands go numb (also normal from what the doctor tells me). 
    so it's been a battle of figuring out where to put my arms. i'm super uncomfortable trying to get my hands in a position that wont make them swell more or make my shoulders hurt like crazy. if i just sleep normally and not worry about my hands, my body is comfortable but my hands become hulk hands minus the green. 
    the only thing that seemed to have only slightly worked was to sleep on my back with my arms above my head and elevated. but back sleeping is a no-no...
    so does anyone have any suggestions? pregnacy pillows dont really work b/c i would kick it off the bed every night...plus it only adds to the "where to put my hands" situation. 
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  • @mamaofthegarden @JustBored10 @sarahufl I experience the same pain after running. Such a bummer! I feel pretty good during the run but the next day I'm hobbling around like I just finished the Tour de France. I tried the AZMED belly band at the recommendation of a friend but I honestly can't tell if it's helping at all. I'm never sure if I have it on too tight, loose, low enough etc. Still trying to get in at least 2 runs a week but they are sloooow and require a day or 2 of recovery. It's hard to know what is "over doing it" and what is normal pregnancy discomfort!
  • @ohheyitskristine That sounds like carpal tunnel caused by swelling. I almost bought carpal tunnel wrist braces in my last pregnancy but never did in the end. I've heard they help keep your wrists aligned to reduce the numbness. 
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  • @MyNamesTaken hmmm i guess so. but its not my wrist. if my wrist is bent, it doesn't go numb. it's only when the elbow is bent. when my arm is straight there is no numbiness. i rarely do go numb. it's the swelling i'm trying to figure out. 
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  • @ohheyitskristine This sounds like what I experienced last time around. I did end up getting wrist braces to wear at night and it helped a lot. Also, toward the end, I was sleeping sitting up so that I could sleep not on my side. that helped a lot too. I don't know what's different this time around, but I haven't had any of the swelling or numbness. Maybe it started happening later on in my pregnancy and I'm just not there yet... 

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  • 25+4 here. Still got the crazy attractive armpit lump going on. It looks particularly appealing when I wear tank tops.  :| Thankfully my OB says it's just excess breast tissue and nothing to worry about. 

    I've  also been hungry all day every day and trying to get over my sickies. I've had a bit of recurring nausea that I thought I had left behind in the first trimester lol. 
  • @ohheyitskristine that definitely sounds like pregnancy related carpel tunnel. I got it horrible with my son. I couldn't wear my wedding ring and was miserable for months until I had him. Both my arms, hands wrists went numb at night, during the day. Just all the time. I used a wrist brace and that helped some. I'm sorry you are going through this it is horrible! 
  • Up until a few weeks ago, I feel less like I was pregnant, and more like I had a touch of the flu. But now I'm feeling constantly hungry, thirsty, and ready for sex! Haha...  Is everyone else glad the weather is warming up? While I'm not looking forward to the third tri being the hottest part of the year, I AM excited I can avoid buying larger flats because my swollen feet are happy in my normal sandals! And, I think I can avoid buying maternity clothes I'll never wear again if I just buy a ton of sundresses....
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    I messaged my doc about the increased pain and increased swelling...she had me go to L&D to run tests and to get checked out. After 4 hours..."everything looks normal." So we came up that it "might be carpal tunnel" but it's hard to tell. She had the exact same symptoms as me so she gave me sleep tips. ("Sleep on your side, but not all the way on the side and not completely on your back. Somewhere in between so there's no pressure on your shoulder. Place pillows behind you and lean back. Basically sleep at a 45° angle.") she said to try splints but there's no guarantee that they'll help. So we got pil-o splints...they seem to help but my hands are still swollen when I wake up and they hurt like hell when I take the splints off. BUT there's no pain during sleep...so...WIN!
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  • @ohheyitskristine glad the splints are helping some. Do you have a recliner that you could possibly sleep semi upright in?
  • @lilpoots yes! My in-laws are getting all new furniture and gave us their la-z-boy! When I was in their house, it was so comfy and I would fall asleep in it. Now that it's in mine, I can't get comfy!
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