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What kinds of activities do y'all do with your LOs at home? I feel like Graham is getting tired of his toys and most seem too babyish. He's obsessed with cars and trains but I'm having trouble coming up with things to do with him

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  • l4rkl4rk member
    Our LO is obsessed with her play kitchen and spends ages playing with it. So that's awesome. Otherwise it's a lot of high maintenance "shiny object" style of play with her...
  • We play outside a lot. We have a great deck that's close to the ground (so when he falls off it's not to far) and a big, flat yard. He also has a dirt pile that he loooooves to play with. Yes it's messy, but it keeps him occupied for hours. He's also really gotten into one of his toys that's putting shapes in the holes. And a toy vacuum cleaner that sings (he's weird, and got the love of cleaning from DH). 
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  • Birdie is obsessed with "bub-boes," meaning bubbles. We seriously have about 9,000,000 cans, because if she sees them in a store, it is not worth saving 97 cents to endure the meltdown. Since it's gotten warmer, we've started hanging out on the sunny patio with a pan of water and a sponge paintbrush. She can paint and the sun just dries it away. She stomps in the puddles she creates and likes to see her footprints, too.

  • KFrobKFrob member
    We also have the toy cleaning set and the play kitchen that LO loves.  She's also gotten really into pretend play with her baby doll, she rocks it and feeds it.  We got a small slide for the back yard and she'll go down that for as long as I let her.  We'll go to the elementary school near us and they have a playscape for the littles under 5.  I've tried coloring with her and she doesn't really seem interested.  
  • nackienackie member
    We go to the playground a lot.  Zack loves the slide.  He also loves helping.  He'll unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor, put clothes away, all kinds of things.  It's pretty awesome, I'm hoping this phase lasts long enough for him to be coordinated enough that I don't have to redo it after he finishes :)
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