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First appointment at 12 weeks?

I will be 6 weeks on Monday. I called to set up appointments and was told the first visit could be scheduled at 8 weeks but is nurse only. No heartbeat check or ultrasound or anything. First provider visit isn't until 12 weeks. Is this the norm?I thought with my last pregnancy I saw ob at 8 weeks? Feels like an eternity away!

Re: First appointment at 12 weeks?

  • I will be 6 weeks on Monday. I called to set up appointments and was told the first visit could be scheduled at 8 weeks but is nurse only. No heartbeat check or ultrasound or anything. First provider visit isn't until 12 weeks. Is this the norm?I thought with my last pregnancy I saw ob at 8 weeks? Feels like an eternity away!
    Completely normal for my office.....there are no early ultrasounds unless there is a medical need, or special circumstance.

    1st appointment around 6-8 weeks with nurse practitioner to fill out all paperwork, talk about what is expected of you. And what you should expect of the office, basic physical, pap smear (if needed) then schedule for 11/12 weeks for Dr. Appointment. 
  • Not normal to me. I had the dating ultrasound at 8 weeks (which they highly encourage everyone to get, unless you are always regular and track your periods consistently, in which case they'd still prefer you get it). My first appointment was at 9 weeks and they felt for the fundus (but couldn't find it) and listened for the heartbeat, although they said they might not find it that early (they did). 

    For what it's worth, all my appointments and birth are/will be at a freestanding birth center with midwives. 
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  • I saw the NP at 8 weeks, had a transvaginal ultrasound for dating purposes. I won't see the OB until 12 weeks. It's normal. And even after that, you won't see the OB every appointment. 

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  • I would be freaking as well! I called the day after getting the positive test @ 4 weeks, and they scheduled my nurse appt for 7 weeks, and my ultrasound appt with my doctor for 8 weeks. During that appt, measurements came back larger, so they moved my due date up a week. We were able to see & hear the heart beat through the vaginal ultrasound, so all went well. I go for my next appt @ 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat with a doppler. I won't receive another ultrasound till around 20 weeks, which is going to be really hard, so I found a place called Stork Vision that does baby ultrasounds for a reasonable price.
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  • Stork Vision is a chain, and has different locations if you want to check them out.
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  • This does not sound normal to me. My first visits are always with a nurse as well (APRN), but they include a transvaginal dating ultrasound and are done at around 8 weeks. In my office you don't see the OB until 12 weeks, and that's the first time she/he tries to hear the heartbeat over the doppler. 
  • This is not uncommon. My provider wants me in as soon as I have a BFP for beta draw but unless anything else comes up no u/s or appointment until 12 weeks. Some doctors do see patients earlier, but it is not anything concerning if your doctor doesn't. 
  • ACOG recommends first prenatal visit between 10-12 weeks, so a scan at 12 weeks is just following standard guidelines. Nothing to worry about. 
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    My first pregnancy I had an apt at 8 weeks for a doppler and pregnancy education and nothing again until 12 weeks which *TW*  I didn't make it to because I had a MMC inbetween. My subsequent apps for my 2 other pregnancies were very different, the second pregnancy being a delayed ectopic, and the third being a healthy pregnancy resulting from assistance with an RE and ultrasound Apts at 5,8, and 10 weeks, then not again until 22 weeks. END TW*  My situations were rather unusual and I was called a "great case for meducal students."  If there is no history or cause for concern, there is no need to be seen earlier than 10-12 weeks. Peace of mind sure, that is hard to achieve, but unfortunately the first trimester is mostly a waiting game. Be thankful if you don't have to be seen regularly in that time, as that hopefully means you have a normal pregnancy. 
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  • My first appointment for my 1st was at 8 weeks and I plan on doing 8 weeks for this one once it hits!

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    I will preface by saying that I go to a small practice that is just my OB and two nurses, so I see my OB at every appointment.

    They sent me for betas after I called with my BFP. If betas are rising and look normal, they schedule an appointment for 8-9 weeks to do the intake and get a referral for a dating ultrasound (since it's a small practice, she does not have a tech on site). If I was due for a pap, they did that, but other than a POAS test with my urine sample, they didn't check anything related to pregnancy. The ultrasound is scheduled on my own time, but supposed to be done before I come back for my 12 week appointment, which is when she starts doing all of the pregnancy measurements (HB, fundus, etc.).

    If you are low risk and have no history of losses, there really is no reason to rush you in. As others have said, first tri is mostly a waiting game. What you're describing doesn't sound abnormal to me.

    Edit: I just realized how old this post is. My bad!
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  • I am a FTM so it's not like I know anything about what's normal, but I got BFP at 6.5 weeks, then went online to find an OBGYN. My first appointment is scheduled for 10.5 weeks out, not until August. This is due to the doctor's availability, but they didn't seem like it's anything to be concerned about. At least the receptionist didn't. Who knows? I'm not worried. If you have any health problems or concerns though, I'd try to go earlier?
  • If going to stork vision and seeing a heartbeat helps you relax and lessens your anxiety do it. I went to a boutique with my daughter and they found her heartbeat faster then my obgyn. My OB couldn't find it abdominal and had to do internal. The boutique found her perfect heartbeat in 2 seconds via abdominal ultrasound and she's a perfectly healthy 1 year old today. Honestly I trust them more then my OB which sounds awful... but my husband is military and we are tricare prime and can't switch anywhere besides a military base unless we switch to standard and where I live the OB and hospital in town are worse. 

    I am currently 6 weeks and 2 days with my second and plan on going again with this one because my dr doesn't do ultrasounds till 11/12 weeks and it gives me a lot of anxiety not going to at least hear a heartbeat and know the baby is in the correct place.  But if you haven't had any losses at my OB it's normal for blood work at 8/9 weeks then ultrasound at 11/12. 
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  • I'm having my first, and going in late in week 8.  Hope it will be ok 
  • Due to me being a first time patient (and FTM) I also don't get to go until 12 weeks. The receptionist didn't really fill me in on anything they would be doing,but honestly I didn't expect her too. I'm going a town over for my appointment because I've seen mostly bad things about the OBs here. 

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