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I took monistat 1 due to a yeast infection (I've been told by doctor that it was safe to use while pg) a few hours after insertion I began to experience extreme burning and itching so I go to the bathroom to see what's going on and I am swollen beyond belief and very raw; I'm in tears from the pain!!!!! Ladies please be careful with OTC meds.

Re: RANT!!!!!

  • Just a note my doc says that's safe only after the 12th week of pregnancy...
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  • I've had that same experience with Monistat 1 pre-pregnancy. I avoid it like the plague and use the 3 day which isn't as strong of a concentration. 

    So sorry @SierraGood. Take some Tylenol and a maybe a lukewarm bath. Hope you feel better soon! 
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  • SierraGoodSierraGood member
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    @brittyclem I get them pretty often during pregnancy due to hormone shifts never had any issues with my last pregnancy (pre or post) got my first infection this time right at 12 weeks and my body is freaking out!!!!!  I'm so annoyed idk how I'm gonna get to sleep and thank you I didn't even think of Tylenol!!!! 

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    That happened to me before (not pregnant tho). It was so  awful. I was like crying and had to soak in the tub to try and get it out. Never used it again. I'm so sorry you're dealing with that right now.  

    Eta that I was not prego when it happened 
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  • Same with me (Not prego) I avoid it completely now and with only use prescription meds for any infections
  • I feel like I'll be doing the same... Too scared to use OTC again
  • Per Medscape, you might want to avoid oral fluconazole (Diflucan) esp in early pregnancy. If you have any at home or get a prescription I would run it by your OB just to be safe. Hopefully this is the only yeast infection. you have to deal with while expecting!! 
  • i kind of thought that the burning/wanting to die feeling just came with having a yeast infection and putting the cream on it. i found that its usually really bad at first but then starts to get better after the first treatment. i agree with @brittyclem that maybe you should talk with your healthcare provider if that oral med is ok to take in preg 

    but omg can we just ugh have an ugly cry real quick  for yeast infections... they are so the worst.. they are my mortal enemy 

  • ChelK3ChelK3 member
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    Every time i feel any sort of itchiness or anything down there I slather on some coconut oil and as long as it's in the early stages it seems to stop it in its tracks! Its a natural anti bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal and its very soothing. (It works very nicely as lube as well ;)
  • @ChelK3 I had never heard of using coconut oil as lube before, so I googled it, and a couple of sources said that it could actually cause infections.
  • My doctor actually recommended Monistat 7 because the 1 or 3 day treatments tend to be too caustic down there, especially for PG women!
    mine went away after the treatment, the only issue I had was the applicator was a little "rough" down there and I think I cut myself at one point because I bled slightly and there was a lot of burning.  I hope it doesn't come back! FX!
  • ChelK3ChelK3 member
    @leilagphillips yes, if you're using it all the time, it can kill the good bacteria along with the bad. I've never had this happen to me though. Sex is already introducing a bunch of new bacteria to the vagina, so for me using coconut oil has only ever prevented yeast infections, and I'm very prone to them. 
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