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Have you ever experienced this with your LO?

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My baby boy is 5 months old. Everything has been going well until last weekend. I've traveled to the beach on Friday came home on early Monday. I got sick (felt like the stomach bug) on Friday night into the early morning. Saturday afternoon my son's poop consistency changed to what appeared to be mucous, stringy like appearance with some dark algae looking pieces. He is ebf. He seemed fine but the amount of times he's pooping has increased, he has had one poop with two dots of blood on Saturday night that looked of a jelly consistency. He has been teething and drooling and now seems to have a cough and runny nose. I tried googling what it could be and I'm at a loss. It says it can be a fm/hm imbalance (which he's had bad gas before and not gaining as much as dr would like), milk (protein) allergy, virus, or teething. His ped, said it sounds like something I ate, but if the symptoms keep occurring to set up an appointment for Friday.  The only things that has changed is within the past week, I ate out since we were at the beach (normally I meal prep), I took papaya enzyme for my upset stomach, and I now have a sinus infection. I have been using lactose free milk and Greek yogurt for snacks, but I've been consuming those for two to three weeks. If you have any insight please help!
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