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Baby size question

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I hope it's okay if I start a new thread. I wasn't sure where else to put it. 

I had my doctor appointment today, and I'm 32 weeks. Doctor was worried that baby was small for 32 weeks and sent me to get an ultrasound. Baby is fine, and measuring on schedule, but he is small, in the 27th percentile. I asked his weight, and was told he weighed four pounds, but when I looked at the weights described on the bump and online, it seems his weight is higher than normal. Im so confused. Should I be worried? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks in advance! 

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  • I just came to say the same as @abmommy15! US weight estimates are inaccurate and there is also variation of what is normal for any given gestational age. If your doctor and the US tech think it's ok, I wouldn't get caught up in the bump's measurements.  For anecdotal evidence, my baby was about 4lbs 2oz at my 32week growth scan and I was told she was perfectly average.
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  • Anecdotally DD was in the 28th percentile for newborns and she was 7lb 5oz at 39 weeks. 
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  • Thank you both. That helps a lot! I was really freaked out, but it seems everything is fine. 
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    At my 30 week growth scan LO measured 3lbs6oz and in the 22nd percentile. I asked if that was ok and she said anything above 10 is good. Said she will probably be the size my first was at around 7lb5oz. HTH! 
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    At my 31w appt, baby weighed 4lbs9oz and the doctor said he's a big baby. So I really don't think you have to worry. 
  • My first was way lower than that and my friend had a really small baby, like 8th percentile. They are both flourishing now. Some people make smaller babies and anything above the tenth percentile is no cause for alarm. If anything, it's easier to get it out lol. 
    I'm at 3lb8oz for 31 weeks. They said it's good. Team pink BTW. 
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  • Thanks, everyone. I'm on the smaller side and was a very small baby, so it's not crazy for me to have a small baby. My hubs is bigger, but we don't know his size at birth (he was adopted). 
  • My doctor always reminds me that there is a wide range of normal, and percentiles just describe "normal". So someone in the 8th or 27th percentile is as normal as someone in the 50th or 90th percentile. 
    She also talks about how trending toward the same percentile is more important than which percentile the baby is on.
    And yeah - what everyone else said about U/S weight estimate accuracy.
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    DD1 was measuring in the 3 percentile at 32 weeks.  My dr put me on bi-weekly non-stress tests and told me not too worry as ultrasounds are just estimates.  She was still tiny when she was born (4lbs 11oz), but completely healthy.  Trust your doctor ; they see this all the time.
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    Thanks, everyone. I'm on the smaller side and was a very small baby, so it's not crazy for me to have a small baby. My hubs is bigger, but we don't know his size at birth (he was adopted). 
    This is actually not much of an indication of your baby's size anyway.  While there may be some genetic component, baby's weight is generally not predicted based on parental birth weight, according to my doctors.  Anecdotally, DH and I were both large babies (9lb10oz and 8lb12oz respectively), and my son was 5 lbs. 15 oz. at birth.  He was around the 25th percentile, and all that means is that he is larger than approximately 25% of the other babies born at that time.  He is almost 4, and is slightly smaller than other kids his age, but other than that, there is no difference between him and the others his age (except he's pretty damn smart - sorry, momma brag!).  In all seriousness, the only thing that a percentile is really good for is making sure that a child doesn't suddenly gain or lose a ton of weight, which can be unhealthy or an indicator of other issues.  Kids change a little as they grow and develop, but for the most part, they usually just stay on their curve (at least until puberty).  Also, as PPs have mentioned, I wouldn't trust much of what the US says.

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  • Did you guys see this article on the front page of the app? From The Bump: "Is Having A Big Baby Hereditary?" Get the free Bump App:

    Hint: The answer, according to them, is yes

    anyways I think the main thing is the range for normal is pretty wide and there are many doctors who are wary of estimating size based on u/s or fundal height even (my last ob/gyn kept telling me this, despite my fears I'd have a huge baby - also, just fyi, I had a HUGE baby) 

  • You ladies are amazing! Thank you for sharing. Yes, I did see that article. Pretty interesting. The doctor didn't seem too worried, so I'm trying not to stress too much. That's also good to know that being a small baby doesn't mean he'd be a small adult. My husband is a bigger guy, so baby could be pretty tall himself! 
  • Also just a thought as well- DD was born in the 28th percentile at 7lb 5oz and was 10lb at one month. So just because they're born at one weight doesn't mean they're destined to stay on that curve (small or large). Maybe I was just starving her on the inside (kidding) and then my breast milk is straight cream...
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  • This is maybe a little off topic, yet related, but I had a friend whose baby was measuring around 4 lbs at 32 weeks but only 5 lbs at her growth scan at 37 weeks.  They weren't so much concerned about the baby being small but actually that he wasn't growing at the usually pace.  Just something to keep in mind. 
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  • My baby measured 3lb13oz last week at a 32wk u/s. I was told she was measuring about a week big.  However, fwiw, Google says my baby is a little below average (but still in the expected range). Like others have said, there's a big range of "normal" at this stage and apparently docs interpret everything differently.

    Based on your original post, I'm assuming that the concern came from looking at Fundal height (the measuring tape on your belly)? If so, they might have been also looking for things like low amniotic fluid as well as baby's size. Not intending to freak you out. If your doc said everything was fine, I am sure it is. 
  • I'm about 32 weeks and baby is also about 4ish lbs. I was told this was in the 40th percentile and no one ever mentioned it being a problem. The ultrasound is a total estimate also. I wouldn't be worried.
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  • @optbaby2017 yes, this was is response to how my belly measured. She was concerned my belly was small and wanted to check his fluids and development. Everything was fine, thank goodness. We were pretty freaked out because the doctor arranged for us to get an ultrasound right away ( we had to go through another office 30 minutes away). The urgency waa quite scary. I do feel better knowing he is developing correctly and has what he needs. 
  • @julybaby17-2 are you tall or do you have a long torso? 

  • I wouldn't say I'm tall; I'm about 5'4 ish. Maybe an inch shorter, but I do have a fairly long torso  
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