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3rd Trimester

Possible Ventriculomegaly at 30 week follow-up US

Since I've entered my third trimester, my blood pressure has been reading a bit high at my OB visits. It tends to drop after waiting a few minutes, but just to be on the safe side my Dr. requested I get an US to make sure the baby is growing and measuring healthy. I had that appointment this morning and was told that one of our baby's ventricles is measuring at 10mm - right at the cut-off of possibly being/becoming Ventriculomegaly. Our initial prenatal US at 20 weeks was completely normal. Although the Dr. said that there was no major cause for concern just yet, they went ahead and did some blood tests for possible virus infection as well as a genetic screening. 

Even though we still have some breathing room before worrying, and the condition has a high chance that our baby will develop and live a normal life, I can't shake my anxiety without knowing more about it. I've been online ever since I got home, and was very surprised at how little information there is out there on this condition, especially for any diagnosis within the third trimester. Or how normal it is for ventricle measurements to vary at different stages of pregnancy. So I was hoping there might be other moms out there who might be going through or have gone through a similar situation and could possibly share their story and experiences with this issue. 
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