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Twin Stroller Suggestions?

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Looking for advice on your favorite twin stroller. I'm a FTM & struggled with IF for a few years so I had plenty of time to look around and fall in love with a stroller... for a singleton pregnancy... now, we just found out we are expecting twins :) - I'm SUPER early but I like to do research and plan / budget for things so I'd love to hear your favorite twin strollers!!


Re: Twin Stroller Suggestions?

  • Congrats!! I too have been researching and am expecting twins but also have a 1 year old. These are the 2 I narrowed down and don't mind getting both as they serve different purposes. Would love any feedback from others who have used them, TIA

    Joovy Twin Roo Plus and Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller
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    @avalentine81 Congrats to you as well!! I'll have to check those out, thank you! :)

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  • @Mudge85 a lot of people get a frame for the car seats before they get a proper stroller -- there is a joovy roo option for that.  We got the uppababy vista which has the option to use the car seats as attachments, so we didn't do that.  It depends if you want a tandem (one in front of the other) vs a side by side stroller.  The mountain buggy duet is a really great side by side stroller and I think the uppababy vista is the best tandem.  The city select is a good cheaper tandem option and I believe allows the kids to face each other.  The super super luxury one is the bugaboo donkey (a side by side), but I didn't like it because it is too wide for a lot of doorways.

    i think you are smart to plan early because strollers can get expensive but for me it was the most important purchase!

    You should google Lucie's List and look at her guides for multiples gear.  Good luck! Twins are a lot of work but they also are SO much fun! 
  • I second a lot of what @anonellis said I chose side by side and absolutely LOVE the mountain buggy duo with car seat attachements and then without as they have gotten bigger. as a side by side its not wider than many single strollers and fits through pretty much any doorway. For me the big deciding factor was my ability to fold it up... I struggled with the tandems and the side by side was easier. (plus I felt that the city select did not give the "rear" baby much leg space unless they were rear facing.  Most stores should let you try them out... I think I spent a good 10+ hrs trying and re-trying strollers until we finally made a choice. GL
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  • We went into a couple of stores and test drove all of the double strollers.
    I hated the side by side ones. I couldn't fit through the aisles very well. I ended up getting the Contours Option stroller. It can house both infant seats and then when they're big enough for the seats, they can face out, in, or face each other. I go shopping a lot with them alone and can easily push the stroller one handed and pull a full shopping cart behind me with the other hand.
    We also got 2 umbrella strollers with canopies on them. It's nice when there is 2 of us to push them. And then I ordered the below stroller connectors so I can connect the 2 of them if I want a side by side stroller that is lighter to take them for walks in.,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=svin&srpd=6845773058381173984&prds=epd:12570281544583527020,cdl:1,cid:1621891484131243655&ved=0ahUKEwjGgd6dpobUAhUq74MKHSWcAjsQgTYIpwU
  • Also have the contours options elite. It's really good however it only comes with one infant frame so you need to be a second if you plan on using it right away. We used a snap and go until they were out of their infant car seats since it was so much handier. 
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  • We just purchased the Zoe and I can't wait for it to come in has great reviews lightest stroller out there at 16 lbs and has the most coverage I seen for the sun. It's a side by side this will be our fourth stroller and I hope our lady our girls are 6 months.  I heard good things about the jovvy too 
  • DH and I just decided on the City Select, mainly cause i like how many options there are with seat placement/which way they are facing, etc. Also, I like that so many different infant seat brands have adaptors, so it won't limit what car seats we could choose from. :smile:
  • @caseyw8784 that's what we decided on, too!! :)

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