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Measuring Big

I had my 29 week appointment two weeks ago and was measuring 4 weeks big at 33 weeks. I had an ultrasound today at 30w6d to see the size of baby and he weighed in at an estimated 4lb 15oz and his head circumference measured around 35-36 weeks. Anyone else measure big/have a baby measuring signifantly bigger in their last trimester and did you end up delivering early or have a big baby? I'm worried he's going to be huge!
He has measured slightly bigger throughout the entire pregnancy (1-2 weeks) and I measured bigger with my last pregnancy by a week/two as well. He ended up coming about 1.5 weeks early. I also do not have gestational diabetes. 

Re: Measuring Big

  • My baby is measuring two weeks ahead im measuring 39 weeks at 37 my baby just large she healthy i do however have gestational diabetes but she is long baby
  • It's possible that baby is big, but also ultrasounds are notorious for being off by +/- 2 pounds.  Did you have a dating ultrasound or go off of date of last period?  

    I know someone who was measuring big her whole pregnancy, and was told baby would be over 9lbs.  She naturally went a week early to deliver a 8lb 4oz baby.  So. You just never know.  
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