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(I wish this post was about actually taking shots.)

How did everyones LOs do after 8 week shots? My girl got them yesterday and has been so fussy last night and today. She also got the rotovirus vaccine and it's been making her poop green, also her pediatrician said we could actually catch the stomach bug from changing her poops and not washing hands properly for about 2 weeks after the vaccine. Wtf! Did anyone else's doc say this? Has anyone gotten sick?

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  • Ugh...shots!  Charlotte got them yesterday too.  She was ok after but then woke up at 2:00 (not totally unusual) nursed her and she fell asleep until 3:00 when she woke up screaming. I could tell she had a fever...tired to give her Tylenol and she volcano puked all over me and her (also not unusual haha).  Her crying woke DS up so DH had to go lie with him.  She calmed down when I changed her and nursed her again but was super restless the rest of the night...every time I started to fall asleep she started to wake up.  Today she wasn't really unhappy but she didn't sleep more than 30 min at a time all day and wanted to nurse more and had a fever earlier.  She also got the rotavirus oral vaccine (which she volcano puked during and scared the nurse) and she's pooping like crazy and it was bright green once and is pretty liquidy)  I just hope she sleeps more than 30 min at a time tonight!!!  Doctor didn't say anything about hand washing but now I'm paranoid!
  • DS got his shots on Tuesday, I asked Pedi at 4 wk appt if it was okay to give Tylenol before hand and she said it was okay so I did. He was a little cranky not by much though but he did sleep which I expected. He's doing okay today. His poop is greenish but he is formula fed.  On the other I had not heard about getting the stomach bug from babies poop (and this is baby number four for me ).  Will  ask pediatrician for next time because o think they get it again but I may be wrong.

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  • My doc said it would be a very mild version of the flu if anyone got it, so don't worry!
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    We had pretty much the same exact same experience as @ilovealbert ;
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  • We had to do Tylenol for DS for his 8 week shots for almost 48 hours. We also did warm compresses on his legs. The rotavirus thing is true - it causes green poops and it can have a mildly active virus in it so wash your hands after changing poop diapers. It's temporary though. Our sons personality changed to cranky for about a week and then he was back to his happy self. 
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