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ICI Philadelphia/Suburbs/Tristate Area?

We are using a known sperm donor but I'd like to try ICI before IUI.
It seems that the places I've contacted onlyoffer IUI. Is it even available anymore? Can anyone recommend a Dr. or facility that does offer ICI?

I also would like to go with unwashed sperm with ICI and have the STD/etc testing separate since it will be a known donor. 

I intent to conceive by Summer 2018 so giving myself an exact year to research and prepare. I'll be 35 summer  2018, so I'm hoping it's not too late. 

This is may be adding too much to the topic, but I also would like to increase my chances of having a girl. I have heard that some places use speem "spinning" to increase chances. Any other methods (proven on not)?

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