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I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have gained 20 pounds! Doctor wants overall to be 30 pounds gained. Am I gaining too much? I don't eat in excess...and I was underweight when I became pregnant. 

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  • I think people here frown on poster's wanting other advice from the doc, but I will say that a) 30 lbs is potentially less than average for weight gained (although I'm not sure); b) that if you were underweight, that you would need to gain more than that; c) there are some docs that are obsessed with how much weight a woman is gaining and that tends to make things really unpleasant for the lady; and d) if you are hungry and making good food choices, then go with what feels right to you.

    I'm only 15w, have gained about 7 pounds and was NOT underweight (maybe even overweight). And I can't stop eating for 1 second! You are about halfway through and I see nothing wrong with gaining 40 or more pounds.

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    ajace3 said:
    I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have gained 20 pounds! Doctor wants overall to be 30 pounds gained. Am I gaining too much? I don't eat in excess...and I was underweight when I became pregnant. 
    If you feel you are eating healthfully then I wouldn't worry. But if you gain in excess of what is recommended by your doctor just know you may have a few extra pounds to work off if you want to get back to your original weight.
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  • ajace3 said:
    I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have gained 20 pounds! Doctor wants overall to be 30 pounds gained. Am I gaining too much? I don't eat in excess...and I was underweight when I became pregnant. 

    Are you eating healthy? If so, it MIGHT not be an issue. If you're not eating healthy then I would suggest changing your diet and see what happens. Although no matter what anyone here or else says, make sure you follow any guidelines your doctor gives you if he / she is concerned. Your doctor knows your medical history and what's best for you / your pregnancy better than anyone here.
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  • I have gained 27 at 20 weeks, which is close to my overall for previous pregnancies!! I workout daily and eat healthy, but I was 30lbs less to start with, I was trim/fit, so I think my body just wanted more fat. If we're doing the right things, our bodies will do what they will. 
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  • I just wanted to add to this that my first pregnancy I had a doctor who made a lot out of how much weight I had gained. I cried every time I left the doctor because she said I was gaining too much weight and was constantly asking what I was eating and telling me I needed to cut back. I probably did have a bit more to lose after the pregnancy, but she caused me so much stress and I'm glad my weight has not been brought up this time. 
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  • In general, if you're underweight it's expected that you'll gain a little more than the "recommended" 30 pounds. But honestly, unless you're going crazy with the junk food and getting dehydrated, your body will gain what it needs to gain. Some doctors worry about it more because it can be an indicator of an underlying issue (gestational diabetes, pre-e, excessive swelling), so if you go over 30 pounds and your doctor worries about it, don't freak out.

    For reference, during my first pregnancy I gained the "recommended" 25 pounds. With my second, I gained 8. I started at the same weight both times and ate healthy(ish...I had to get those donuts in!).
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  • I've gained 20 at 18 weeks. It's twins, so I should gain more than average, but I started overweight, so I should gain less. My ob/gyn thinks I've gained too much, but my MFM doc has me right on target, so I'm not worried. 

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  • I gained 31 and im 23 weeks. Trying sooo hard not to gain and i still do.
  • I gained 60+ my first pregnancy. I ate healthy, exercised and saw a dietician, had crazy indigestion so I couldn't overeat without feeling like death, also had no cravings. No idea how it happened to be perfectly honest. My son was IUGR and only weighed 4.13. As long as most of your calories are coming from healthy sources such as fresh vegetables and fruit, lean meats and protein and limited sugary drinks, and you're getting steps, in I wouldn't stress too much. Textbook pregnancies and real life pregnancies can be vastly different. 
  • I started out slightly overweight according to BMI and as of 17 weeks I have gained 3 lbs. I eat moderately healthy, especially when my husband is watching. The only thing I can think of that might be working to my advantage, other than starting out a little overweight for me is a healthier easting pattern than before. I eat less, but more often. I had a lot of food aversion that are only starting to go away at this point. I'll be interested to see if this keeps up or if the weight gain all decides to hit me at once.
  • I gained 10 pounds in the first trimester. At my 16 week appointment, I had gained 15 since pre-pregnancy weight. I don't think there is really any right or wrong. Just try to eat as healthy as you can and exercise as much as you're able. 
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