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Fit Mama check-in - week of May 15

Hi ladies!! I feel so bad I haven't been on here much lately! I wish I could check in on here & respond more to each of you ladies with your updates! You're all doing SO great and every bit of activity & every smart food/drink choice we make just helps that much more! You all inspire me each week with your check-ins, your motivation, and your progress!! Keep up the awesome work, mamas!! <3 

1: How many weeks postpartum

2: What are your goals for the week ahead

3: How was last week?

4: share a Non-scale victory

5: How are/have you treated your self this week?

Questions, Concerns, Rants, Raves, Randoms?

7: GTKY: If you were given $10 million to start a business/nonprofit/etc. (& you can't spend it on anything else or save it) what type of organization would you start 

8: Challenge Update! 
A while back @npaulie shared this as a potential challenge for us to do and I think we had a general consensus that we'd like to try it - any objections/other challenges you ladies would prefer or are you still on board for it?

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Re: Fit Mama check-in - week of May 15

  • 1: How many weeks postpartum? 6 tomorrow

    2: What are your goals for the week ahead
    ? Get a workout or run in each day, run my 5k race Sunday morning at an 11 min/mile pace, drink enough water & eat mostly healthy.

    3: How was last week? Good!  I'm combining last week & the last few days in this the all clear from my dr on Monday to resume running & all activity so right after my appt I went for my first run pp & took both LO & my dog! We did 3.27 miles at about 11 & a half min/mile pace...yesterday we ran 3.36 miles at about 12 min/mile, so I want to work on improving my time but am just so grateful to be running again even if my times aren't great I know I should cut myself some slack since I'm just getting started again. I also did a 40+ min Barre3 workout Monday and did a postnatal "Body Fit by Amy" youtube workout each of the other days last week.

    4: share a Non-scale victory
    ? Running with LO & my dog at the same time the last 2 days, since I was scared & hesitant at first about it since my dog can be pully at times, but just going for it anyway is a victory for me. I love running through parks & tried out a new one yesterday (it's actually where my 5k on Sun will be) so just pushing myself out of my comfort zone feels really good. 

    5: How are/have you treated your self this week?
    ? Last week DH & I got ice cream/water-ice/gelati's 3 days, the one time we even brought our dog too & got him a "doggy dessert" that the local place offers (soft vanilla ice cream with a dog treat on top) so I guess doing little family trips to splurge on treats lately haha....planning to get lunch with a friend later this week & also will be attending my graduation on Sunday afternoon so I'm especially looking forward to that!

    Questions, Concerns, Rants, Raves, Randoms? So the stroller I have is not a "jogging" stroller (I have the Chicco Viaro) since initially when I bought it back in November I wasn't planning to run with I'm wondering if I should invest in a jogging one since I'd like to continue taking him with me and wondering if you ladies think it's worth it/necessary/if you have recommendations? If I do get one I'm thinking of getting a double one potentially since I'm hoping to have another baby in the next couple years and will need a double at that point anyway...any thoughts?

    7: GTKY: If you were given $10 million to start a business/nonprofit/etc. (& you can't spend it on anything else or save it) what type of organization would you start? I'd love to start a recovery-focused animal rescue/welfare nonprofit and work on finding/sharing shelter management best practices with other organizations. I'd primarily work with dogs and work to shut down puppy mills, BSL, & dog-fighting by rescuing dogs in those situations. It'd be focused on giving both animals and people a second chance and I'd hire/train people who are in recovery from addiction and willing to stay clean/sober & help animals at the same time. I literally just came up with this as I'm typing but now I'm legitimately considering this as a career option haha

    8: Challenge Update! 
    I'll be doing this challenge & starting with day 1 today...hoping to remember to do it going forward haha :)
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  • I have wanted to keep in touch more also but it's so hard finding the time! As soon as Oscar is napping I have so many things to do then all of a sudden he's up again. OR sometimes he just doesn't nap at all!! 

    1. 7 weeks Friday
    2. Last week was ok- got out for a bunch of long walks with the stroller and did a few strength moves. 
    3. This week my goals are to run 3x, at least 3 mi, and mayyyybe drop in for a crossfit class tomorrow night. Got my first run in today! I was so surprised that I felt so good!
    4. Oscar and I went to infant massage class at the hospital yesterday. It was our first solo outing. It
    was great to connect with other moms. I had wanted to get involved with a BF group but since I wasn't able to BF I felt like I was missing out. The infant massage class is great though, it focuses on helping babies relive gas and it was nice to talk to people with older babies, and women who recently had c sections. 
    5. Not too much treating here since I'm trying so hard to stay on track with food!! I need to make a hair appt though. DH did watch Oscar for a couple hrs today so I could run and take a proper shower. 
    6. I felt like a new person on my run today. It felt so good to sweat and even though I didn't push it, it felt good to know that soon I can. My incision didn't hurt at all, and I felt so calm afterwards. Just totally back in sync. Also I only have 10 more lbs to lose to get back to pre pregnancy weight but want to lose another 10 to get back to my marathon training weight from a few years ago. 
    7. Wow love this question! I wish I had an answer as thought through as you @serenity13- that
    sounds pretty amazing for typing an idea off the top of your head! I think you're onto something there! I think I would focus a non profit around something to do with helping disadvantaged youth get exposure to careers of the future. I've done work like this for a similar but very small scale group and loved it. 
    8. I am down with the challenge!! 
  • serenity13serenity13 member
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    @jenny0228 that's exactly how I feel with trying to find time. It's so hard doing anything uninterrupted, esp the days he doesn't want to nap & gets fussy halfway through whatever I try to do haha last night was one of the worst fussy periods he's had (woke up earlier than usual around 11 after going to bed ~9, then refused to fall asleep again till 3, then up again just before 5) now he's being a cutie patootie for me, so after an exhausting, frustrating night he's making up for it now with this smile haha (I just realized I should have added a "post a photo of your LO" in the check-in since there isn't a hdbd/low on here anymore...)
    AWESOME job with the run, I'm so so happy to hear it went well & you felt great doing it!! Love that you had a good experience at the infant massage class & glad you got to connect with some other moms there! Also love your nonprofit idea, that sounds like it'd be so needed and also so rewarding!
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  • npaulienpaulie member
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    1: How many weeks postpartum
    ? 9 weeks PP

    2: What are your goals for the week ahead
    ? Would like to exercise 4x in total. I had Pilates on Monday, did some light cardio Tuesday. Will probably do one home workout and then gym this weekend. DH and I are also starting whole30 this week 

    3: How was last week? Last week was good. Made it to the gym twice plus Pilates

    4: share a Non-scale victory
    ? Was pretty proud of myself for keeping up with 3 days of exercise last week!in addition to walking. 

    5: How are/have you treated your self this week?
    ? Getting a mani pedi later today!! 

    Questions, Concerns, Rants, Raves, Randoms? Excited about getting food back on track, but struggling to find the time to prep and cook actual food. Anyone have tips?

    7: GTKY: If you were given $10 million to start a business/nonprofit/etc. (& you can't spend it on anything else or save it) what type of organization would you start I would Start EITHER(1) a total wellness center where physical and mental fitness were combined. I would do the therapy side, and my BFF who is a sports psychologist would run the other side with yoga, gym, etc. ooorrrr (2) a doggie day care so I could play with dogs all day 

    8: Challenge Update! im in!
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  • @serenity13 I wanted to comment yesterday but then ran out of time before oscar woke up - but I have a BOB stroller, I haven't taken it out yet but it has huge wheels and is supposed to be better than a typical stroller for running. If you think running with Chase and your dog is going to be a thing you do often, I'd invest in one. From what I hear, they are worth it. You can get an attachment to put the carseat on when they are young. I have it, but haven't tried it yet. I can give you a full review once I try it out, hopefully this weekend! 

    @npaulie love your non profit idea too! the total wellness center sounds amazing. I want to go there!! ;) Hope your mani pedi was good today! 

    I did a strength workout at home today, and did the challenge moves. So far so good. I didn't have any separation but because of my c-section I want to take the core work slow and this is perfect. 

    And....oh we're sharing baby pics?? Well ok, I love doing that!

  • kjd291kjd291 member
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    I know Ive said this before-but I miss having time to check in here fully and respond to everyone else's check-ins. Hope you all are enjoying this cray thing called motherhood!! 

    This week my husband is working nights so I'm solo moming two under two pretty much round the clock this week. Exhausting!

    overview-11wks PP -Natalie is great-is 18lb 5oz at her 2mo checkup this week) trying to eat well but still splurging on "easy" food to grab, and trying to do some kind of fitness everyday, but not pushing crazy hard because I know I don't really need to burn crazy calories right now breast feeding. 
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    1: How many weeks postpartum? 9 weeks

    2: What are your goals for the week ahead? To continue with 5 Garage CrossFit workouts plus some additional workouts as I can fit them in. My Mom flew back to the East Coast for 5 weeks so it'll be more challenging to get my workouts in without her here to watch Evie. 

    3: How was last week? It was great! I got 5 Garage CrossFit workouts in along with some additional 30min cardio sessions, and few double sessions. I also tracked on MFP most days.

    4: share a Non-scale victory?  Hmmmm..... I think just sticking with my garage workouts has been a victory since I've never been one to workout at home. 

    5: How are/have you treated your self this week?? Treated myself to a Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino and it was awesome, LOL! Oh and I got my nails done!

    6: Questions, Concerns, Rants, Raves, Randoms? I signed up for a website called Street Parking that's like a virtual CrossFit gym, so I started doing their programming as well as my own this week. I'm really enjoying it. Oh and Hubby's been complimenting me most days on the physical changes he's seeing in me, yay!!! PS we also did the deed for the first time since having the baby, haha... surprisingly it felt really good. I had been worried about that, but it went really well, LOL...

    7: GTKY: If you were given $10 million to start a business/nonprofit/etc. (& you can't spend it on anything else or save it) what type of organization would you start? Mine is very similar to @npaulie 's 1st idea. I, too, want to start a wellness center that cares for the Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical aspects of healing & wellness & serves needy women and their children. I'd call it The Triwellness Center (that's where my username comes from actually). It would include workout & nutrition plans, as well as devotionals and prayer time for all members with a simpler goal to serve & heal.

    And here's my latest fave photo of Evie!

  • Miss you @kjd291 but thinking of you and praying that your load will lighten soon!!!

    @jenny0228 Oscar is suuuuuuch a cutie. THOSE EYES!! Great pic!!! And great job to you on getting back to running. I still have zero desire to run. Been working in 400m runs into a few WoDs each week but not enjoying them, Lol!

    @npaulie My hubby told me about this website that one of his client's daughters does. It's called and she meal plans each week so maybe just following her plan for starters might help. Everything sounds so yummy and relatively healthy!

    Hey @serenity13 way to go on the runs and LOOOOOVE your non-profit idea. So awesome and perfect!! And Chace is so super cute. Love his smile!!!
  • And PS I still haven't been added to the FB group. It must be personal, huh???? LOL..
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