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HDBD 5/17/17

Let's see some smiling faces!

Re: HDBD 5/17/17

  • kvrunskvruns member
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    @ladybug2821 laundry basket is a great idea
  • @tvh1982 I love the collar on your LO's shirt! And the rest of what I can see of her outfit  <3
  • @SandNStarsNJ - is he completely naked, or still in a diaper? E loves to be naked, too, she smiles and giggles as soon as you start to take off her clothes.
  • SandNStarsNJSandNStarsNJ member
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    In that photo? A diaper. But I do let him air it out quite a bit in the evening, which admittedly gets me peed on sometimes and drives DH crazy, but he's so happy to have everything off.  He's a big boy and has diaper/clothes dents al over his chubby little body. 

    ETA: I hate autocorrect. 
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  • tvh1982tvh1982 member
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    Thanx @mrsmoose5
    Im a sucker for blondes on babies. I love the really 'cool' clothes too, but dressing her as a baby is my favourite:)

    Both are from HM. I haven't got a picture yet where you see the whole outfit, but it's the following (got it in pink too :) )


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  • @tvh1982 lovvvvve h and m baby clothes!!!
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