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For those who use cloth nappies how many of you use cloth pads, wipes and other reusable solutions to sanitation in your home . 
I'm thinking about making some postnatal pads . I don't use disposable anymore and go with cup, seaponge and thinx combo with cloth liners sometimes . But I also have light problem free 4 day periods  sometime 5 or 6 days but never more than a medium flow for one day and the extra days are light or spotting . But I'm trying to get my head are round the idea of how long you can bleed heavily for after birth and I'm thinking I need to make some pads specifically for this .

Has anyone made theirs or bought and used cloth for this ?  Even tho the need for them is a one of amount if time (per kid) are they worth the effort since you are in the habit of washing reusable cloth products anyway 

What features are particularly needed like gussets to prevent leaking . Or how to combat staining ? 
I'm very concerned I won't want to do a lot while leaking all the time but it lasts so long you have no choice 
Also worried this is a feature my husband is not aware of or prepared for and that having the washing confront him may be a but much as we don't ever talk about it 

Re: Other reusable solutions

  • I didn't start on cloth pads until AF returned when ds2 was around a year old.

    What I remember of the PP bleeding is that it was super heavy for the first few days - week and then after that it tapered off to be just a long period of spotting - very light flow that lasted until baby was around 6ish weeks old.  Since most of what you wear is internal and therefore not appropriate for PP bleeding, I would almost recommend using disposable pads for the first few heavy days and only buying reusable liners/light flow options - unless you can't use disposables, plan to have more than one child, or want the option of doing pad only period coverage in the future.

    I have some of the Dahlia cloth brand (made by Buttons diapers) that I bought from Diaper Junction and the large size would work for PP and overnight.  The medium are good for normal flow days and lighter overnights, and the smalls I haven't tried as I have a different brand that I bought a couple years ago that are working well enough that I haven't replaced them.

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  • Oh I defiantly don't want to go back to disposable . And thus is our first so absolutely intend on more . If it's only bad for a short while I can probably manage with a few super absorbant pads and then go with as you say liners and maybe thinx  pants until it's gone. 
    I haven't worn pads for years and I don't like them so wouldn't choose to use them ongoing but I will need something during this healing time . And I suppose if I have them.they are always an option . 

    I find its something I'm utterly unprepared for and intimidating . But if it isn't constant and mostly manageable with normal pads I think I'll just go with those .and a few bigger ones for overnight and early days . 
    Not looking forward to pads again for any amount of time 

    Thanks for the brand info

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