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Diaper Changing.

What are your tips to keep your little ones calm and still during diapers changes. Diaper changes have kind of became hell, he kicks and screams and arches his back, it ends up taking five minutes to change a pee diaper. 

Re: Diaper Changing.

  • KFrobKFrob member
    I get Harper to "help".  Our basket full of diaper stuff is right at her head on the changing table and she will hand me a diaper, hold the butt cream or wipes.  I also get her to play peekaboo with a clean diaper or kiss her toes.  Pretty much anything that distracts her.  
  • ekscoppekscopp member
    Same as above. I also sometimes let her play with probably slightly inappropriate things she isn't supposed to ... like the nail clippers - closed of course. Woops, oh well, I'm not into fighting! 
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  • Oh Jesus I can't stand it when it's time for a diaper change. I also try to give her things that she normally wouldn't have like a spatula, her shampoo bottle, tongs.. but sometimes nothing works. It's a hit or a miss lol 
  • mamadcbmamadcb member
    We keep his favorite books nearby and I let him play with stuff from the changing table too. Thermometer, diaper cream-- stuff he doesn't normally get his hands on. 
  • @kaym6 that is so great! I'm sure it wasn't went you had a hickey on you head but it makes for a good story. 
    I've tried letting him help and having him grab me a diaper and them handing me wipes as we go, it lasted for about 2 days and now he runs away if I ask him to grab a diaper and he just pulls all the wipes out of the wipe box and throws them. I've also tried putting a movie on my phone and giving it to him, but my phone just gets thrown. He's a monster, haha. I'll have to try giving him things he normally doesn't get and see if that works. 
  • krrpe99krrpe99 member
    Definitely giving objects they don't normally get to explore helps with diaper time. The other thing that helps me is that I am completely goofy during a change. I dance back and forth and sing really silly songs. Evelyn thinks it's hilarious (maybe not as funny as a suction cup on my forehead though!)
  • Half the time, I change Graham's diaper while he is standing and playing for this very reason haha
  • We do as some above suggested, l sing to him, let him hold the diaper cream or lotion bottle. He also thinks it's hilarious when we put his toys or paci in our mouth and then in his so sometimes that works (though prob not very productive at getting him to learn not to put everything in his mouth lol)
  • Its the worst!!! We distract her. Sometimes I give her my phone. Sometimes I make her stand and look out the window and I get it on while she stands up. Whatever works right! Its so hard sometimes. 
  • We have a lotion bottle that is about 90% empty. I open it and give it to her. She'll stick her finger down into it and get a little out, but it's an insignificant amount. I've also gotten really good at changing her while she's standing up. If it's a pee diaper, I'll just stand her up on the table, and do it that way, and it seems to work much better for her.
  • nackienackie member
    Does this get better at some point?  I keep hoping it's just a phase, but it's been months now
  • krrpe99krrpe99 member
    Do y'all still use a changing table? We do, and the few times I've just done a change on the floor has been awful. I think I'll stick with the table as long as possible. 
  • @krrpe99 We use a changing table. Changing his diaper on the floor is a disaster...
  • mamadcbmamadcb member
    +1 for the changing table!
  • We mostly use the changing table, but sometimes if I think she'll cooperate more on the floor, I'll do it there. Especially if the TV is on as a distraction.
  • nackienackie member
    We still use the changing table most of the time.  If it's just a wet diaper and he's being especially resistant, I'll do it on the floor and pin him down with my leg, but thankful I haven't had to resort to that in a while
  • We use the changing table or our bed. Anywhere else is a mess. 
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