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Share your pregnancy brain moments

I think we are all to the point we are having pregnancy brain moments, and I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can share them and laugh with each other!

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Re: Share your pregnancy brain moments

  • bnmort8bnmort8
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    stephy_p said:
    I just went to the restroom at work and noticed my underwear is inside out.

    hahahaha I did this a well
  • I tried to make a bag of popcorn and put it in the toaster lol 
    @stephy_p haha I did that occasionally before pregnancy! I think i just may be  a scatter brain
  • The other day I started to get out of the car without turning it off or taking the keys out. I only noticed because it started beeping when I opened the door and I looked around to see what the problem was. 
    I've done this at least 3 times  :(
  • All I can say is sticky notes are a life saver at work.

    I am having so many pregnancy brain moments.  Every morning I have to debate with myself if i took my medication or not.  I have considered getting a pill box with the days of the week to just make sure i take them. 

    Also i am pretty sure some mornings I put on deodorant at least twice. 
  • Was at Starbucks and asked for a drink carrier and drink stoppers, they were both visible  :s
  • @Lizlann I hope you find it soon! I become rather scary when I'm hungry. Not cool. Good luck!
  • I ordered some things from Old Navy last week. I realized today that they were supposed to have arrived on Thursday, so I checked the tracking. They were delivered on my old address where I haven't lived for a year and a half. Even though I have ordered things from gap and old navy since we moved, the website keeps defaulting to the old address. This time I didn't catch it. It was a small condo building and I don't have a way of contacting the new owner but I do know one of the other unit owners so I'm hoping she can tell me if it got sent back or they still have it and I can go pick it up.
  • I opened the dishwasher while it was running. I forgot I had turned it on 5 minutes before.  :|
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  • winerenwineren
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    @stephy_p I've done that at least three times. 
  • Lizlann said:
    I brought lunch with me to work today. I don't know where it is. I remember getting it out of my car and carrying it up the stairs but I'm hungry already and it's just disappeared. It's not in my office. It's not in the kitchen. It's not on the counter next to the mail boxes. It's not in my boss's office. I even went back down to my car and it's not in there. I can't imagine anyone ate it - it's only 10 am. WHERE IS MY LUNCH?!?!
    @Lizlann I was just rereading this thread and laughing. Did you ever find it??
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  • I can literally never remember if I closed my garage. I have turned around every day on the way to work for weeks. If DH is driving, I ask every time if he closed the garage. It's pretty bad. 


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