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Monday BF 05.15.17

My BF is everytime I post a pic it's a compressed click-to-view file so I can't even effectively post GIFs. Boo.

Re: Monday BF 05.15.17

  • My BF is everytime I post a pic it's a compressed click-to-view file so I can't even effectively post GIFs. Boo.

    Do you have the little box with the mountain in it (at least I think its a mountain)?  That is the one to click on to upload without the box.  I, too, was using the other button but realized the new one actually loads the pics on screen.
  • I only got 2 hours of sleep last night but I only have myself to blame.  We technically hadn't confirmed S's dairy allergy and I really wanted something to good to eat on Mother's Day.  Plus my FIL sent me chocolate covered strawberries.  Well, I'm sure now that S has a dairy allergy.  She had so much trouble sleeping last night and was so uncomfortable.  She actually didn't have the diarrhea issue like she's been having, but had horrible gas.  She only slept a couple hours at a time and when she woke up it was so hard to get her back to sleep.  Poor baby :(.  I just hope last night was the worst of it and she'll be ok today and tonight.  No more dairy for me until we are finished BFing.
  • I'm an emotional wreck today. I just want to go home and cuddle with the baby and nap. I hate being a working mom.
  • fitlady21 said:
    I'm an emotional wreck today. I just want to go home and cuddle with the baby and nap. I hate being a working mom.

    I hate being a working mom too :(.
  • Aw, it'll get better guys... :(   ::hugs:: 
  • @fitlady21 hang in there, lady.  It will get better.  When the blues hit during the workday, it's bad.  But there are sometimes good days, too!
  • I feel like a child throwing a tantrum so apologies in advance if that's the vibe I'm giving off.  I'm kinda bummed about yesterday.  I always psych myself up secretly for special "me" days (birthdays, etc.) and H just does not deliver.  I know I can't expect him to read my mind but just a little effort would be nice to let me know I mean enough to bother planning something, even a little thing.  Don't get me wrong, we have a very loving relationship.  He just grew up where nothing was special about birthdays/holidays and without any traditions, really.  I have tried to explain to him how much I love birthdays and I think everybody should feel special on their birthday (it's not my birthday.  This is just an example), yet it's still always a flop.  Every year. I guess I just need to learn to manage my expectations :(

    I had high hopes for First Mother's Day!  But, alas...

  • @kgridley27 Darn it... I'm sorry you were disappointed, I was truly hoping all of you FTMs had a beautiful first Mother's Day. I'm right there with you in disappointment, even though I DID get a lunch and some gifts. It just felt forced and "faked" given current circumstances, and it was DD's dad's week to have her so I didn't have her with me, which made me really sad. SS gave me a potted flower he got from school and said "I made this for my mom, but I don't think she is going to come get me this weekend so you can have it" which kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, so I *respectfully* declined.
    I feel like a bitter old lady. I don't feel like anything I've done for this family, or the sacrifices I've made are appreciated, I don't feel like I'm respected, and as childish as it may sound, I don't feel special. Yesterday felt like an obligation, not a celebration, and it hit me hard this year.
    I'm doing a terrible job of seeing my glass half full today :( I'll shut down this pity party now.
  • @AllyTheKid H made me French toast in the morning, which was sweet because he hates it and he did it all by himself.  There was a card on the table which he bought when we were out together the day before.  And then...that was it.  Literally, that was it.  We visited our moms, went grocery shopping, I did dishes, laundry, made dinner...

    Don't shut down the pity party because I don't want to party alone!

  • I think most men just don't get it.  H and I were watching TV where a guy surprised his girl with rose petals on the floor, candles, etc., and he said you wouldn't want anything like that, would you?  I said of course I would, EVERY girl wants something like that.  And I mean EVERY girl.
  • I agree with @Ladybug2821. Most men don't get it! Mine got me roses and that was it. But for him to get me flowers on a big occasion day is a big deal although it seems small. He just isn't the thoughtful guy on big occasions. Now he's super thoughtful on random days. He's come home many times with a pair of designer sunglasses or boots or whatever of things he wanted me to have, just not on a special occasion. I just have to remind myself of how he thinks and works.
  • I guess I really should consider myself lucky- up to this point, he has always bee thoughtful "just because" and SO has been the type to try to make things special for me on "me holidays". He would take me wherever I wanted to go, finances permitting, on Mother's day or my Birthday, he always baked me a cake and decorated it himself for my Birthdays, and until this time, has always bought me flowers. He only didn't this time because he was worried they would wilt while in hiding. 
    The "forced" feeling is probably just a product of my own resentment right now too, so now I'm starting to feel guilty for being so whiney. I've just been feeling sorry for myself :/
    In other news, SO really has been putting in a solid effort to right his wrongs. I should probably do my part to not be so begrudging... No progress can happen if I won't let it I guess. I'm just trying not to lose sight of the FACT that this is NOT a short term fix, so I still have my guard way up emotionally. Like I said, I'm just being a bitter old lady.
  • Yay!  I can finally say something good about H lol.  He is very thoughtful when it comes to holidays and random days.  Saturday night, he took me out to the comedy club and we had a good time.  Sunday, we all went to the pool together.  Normally, I have S the entire day because he has her during the week while I'm at work, but he made a point to handle a lot of things so I was able to take a couple cat naps.  He also went out and waited for Popeyes to open to get me food and went to Starbucks :)
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