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Got my BFP today.. spotting/cramping

I've never posted here before and I did read through the guidelines, so hopefully this isn't an annoying post but I really need someone to talk to.

I've been cramping for almost 2 weeks basically since my projected ovulation on 4/30. This Friday I started spotting, and yesterday spotted enough to assume I was starting my period (due today 5/14). The spotting completely stopped last evening and all throughout the night and this morning I decided to test "just in case" because I had an insane dream that I was pregnant and I had one First Response left. To my total surprise it came up positive, so I went to CVS and bought a digital which also said "pregnant".

I was SO sure I was out this cycle and it's been the only time I've ever tried and it's also my first pregnancy. The cramping/light pink spotting when I wipe is still happening and I've read so many posts about this, but was just wondering from personal experience if anyone went through this. I really don't have any friends who I'd feel comfortable telling this early on who have been pregnant - so besides making a dr's appointment in the morning, I'm unsure of if what I'm experiencing is a bad sign. It feels surreal enough to only try once, get my BFP on Mother's Day and this spotting is making me feel like it's too good to be true. 

Re: Got my BFP today.. spotting/cramping

  • Congrats!!! I had medical help getting pregnant this time but I also thought I was out. Cramps, spotting, even red spotting. I'm now 15 weeks. The doctor can help check things out and help you rest assured so that never hurts, but fingers crossed for you!
  • Congrats! I agree with getting checked out by your doctor to confirm pregnancy and get guidance on symptoms.  It sounds like implantation bleeding to me, but I'm not a doctor. This pregnancy (3rd pregnancy no babies yet), I had cramping and pink mucous discharge. I didn't have that with the previous pregnancies. I thought I was starting my period but no bright red or heavy bleeding came so I took a pregnancy test and had a BFP as well. That was two weeks ago and the pink discharge stopped a few days after I had my BFP. So far everything is continuing well (minus the nausea, fatigue, and constipation). I've been to my doctor who confirmed with blood work that I'm pregnant and that my HCG and progesterone levels are in the normal range. Also, if you have been taking prenatal vitamins the cramping could be constipation pain. I know it is hard but try to take a break from the worry to celebrate today. I hope all goes well.
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  • kkay83kkay83 member
    @PolythenePam - Congrats on your pregnancy, that's so exciting! I am making an appointment with one of the physicians at my GP tomorrow. It's so hard to not google everything and think the worst. The cramping is still pretty severe and in the center of uterus, but the spotting has lightened up a little bit as the day has gone on. So far no true bleeding, thankfully. I really appreciate the response so much!!!

    @Knottie1436033457 - Congrats on your pregnancy! That's so awesome! I will definitely follow up with my GP tomorrow if they can get me in. I'm trying very hard to be optimistic, but I think I was so surprised by the BFP that I have thoroughly freaked myself out. I feel like a brat because I've always had this weird fear I couldn't get pregnant, so I never really tried. I'm trying to remind myself that no matter what happens, at least I know I can get pregnant and it happened on the first attempt which I did NOT at all think was possible for me. I think the most worrisome symptom is the cramping - it's directly center of my uterus and has been going on for over a week (I went to see my dr this past Tuesday to rule out a UTI, ect). I'm hopeful that maybe this crampiness is just a "me" pregnancy symptom and not indicative of anything that's wrong. I'll definitely update when I know more! 

    Thanks again girls, it really helps even to have an "internet stranger" take the time out of their day to respond when everything is so confusing and new and there's just no one to really discuss this with! Big virtual hugs!! 
    Polythene Pam
  • kkay83kkay83 member
    Just updating - No spotting this morning. Went to see the dr, got a positive pregnancy urine test there as well. She did an exam, didn't see any spotting or feel anything abnormal. I got my first blood draw and will do the repeat in 48 hours. She wanted me to go in today for an ultrasound, but they were too busy - so it's scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and the following afternoon, I'll go get my second blood test. 

    Overall, it went as well as could be expected. I didn't think I'd get much in the way of peace of mind until the numbers are back/ultrasound results. I'm just upset because now I have red/pink spotting after the exam after an entire morning of nothing at all. It's so frustrating. 
  • kkay83kkay83 member
    Updating - just in case this helps anyone out there <3....

    Got in for an earlier ultrasound. There wasn't much to see being just around the 4 week mark. The radiologist came in after reviewing everything and said she saw a mass on my left ovary and wanted to get a closer look to try to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. The tech went back in with the transvaginal ultrasound and the radiologist said it appeared to be a corpus luteum cyst. There wasn't really anything much else to see at this early stage. She wanted me to wait for my blood work to come back and to have another ultrasound to check on everything. I'm waiting to hear from my doctor tomorrow to find out more, but it is really worrying me. 

    I have no idea what my HCG levels are. If it is ectopic, that's one of my bigger pregnancy related fears. I will keep updating as I know more and I hope to have some good news <3. The spotting has stopped thankfully, but the cramping is continuing. 
  • @kkay83, I hope all goes well!!
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  • kkay83kkay83 member
    Updating again in case anyone finds this thread useful at all - 

    Spotting has stopped completely since Tuesday. Sharp left sided cramps are pretty consistent and painful and radiate to my hip, lower back, butt, ect. 

    I've had 3 HCG draws every 2 days - #'s were M- 36, W - 82.5, Fri- 254!!!

    The last appointment was at a new OBGYN who suspected I was having a chemical pregnancy, until she got my last HCG level. She still can't be sure or not if it's ectopic because of all the pain I'm having, but she was reassured by the rise. 

    The plan is to check HCG on Sunday, check in midweek and schedule an ultrasound for end of the week. Obviously if the pain gets very severe, I need to get into the ER to check to make sure it's not ectopic. I'm hoping and praying this little thing is in the right place and will continue on healthily. 

    This has been an insane week of worry, fear, crying and my arms look like I've been in some serious fight with all the bruising happening from constant blood draws. 
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    Update -

    Sunday's (5 week) HCG was 612. I'm assuming I'll have my HCG drawn at least one more time Tuesday at some point and see where the numbers are. 

    Still cramping, no spotting or bleeding. Just sharp left sided pains mixed with cramps and lots of anxiety. 

  • @kkay83, I pray all continues well on your journey! 
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  • Congratulations!  Hope all is well ❤
  • I hope all progressed well, thanks for the updates! 
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