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Why is Xath banned


Re: Why is Xath banned

  • tuxielove93tuxielove93 member
    edited May 2017
    Thanks for bringing her back and the explanation @bumpcaitlin-2
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    (maybe I only ovulate in October XD)
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  • XathXath member
    Thank you for the explanation @bumpcaitlin-2.  I'm very glad to be back!
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  • Hi July 2017 Moms, 

    We want to take a minute to apologize for the fact that @xath was accidentally banned. Unfortunately, she got caught in an IP ban that had been previously set up to ban a vendor who was spamming the Community. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused @xath, as well as other members on this board. Thanks for your understanding!



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  • @bumpcaitlin-2 Thank you for restoring her account and actually replying!
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  • Yay!!! Return of @Xath!!!

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    EDD: 07/24/2017

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  • mamadcbmamadcb member
    So glad to see you back, @Xath! I hope you can see how you were missed :)
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