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Friday Rant

I usually love Friday's. Today hasn't been awesome. This whole post might as well be a TW. 


My baby sister is 23 weeks pregnant with her 3rd baby. We started trying at the same time so that's sort of a bitter sweet deal. I'm happy for her and try to hide my disappointment that I don't get to have my own excitement too.

Her friend that I don't care for that much reached out to me to plan a "sprinkle" for her. She wants me to do it because she doesn't have the $. Wow. Super bold. Of course we were going to have a family party for her and the baby but nothing huge. 

To be honest, I don't really want to plan a shower or sprinkle or whatever.  I'm CD2 and I'm mad. Not that she would know that but ugh. CD2, right before Mother's Day and feeling discouraged. 

I know now I have my DS, and I'm so grateful for him, so I'm trying to suck it up. I knew I could vent here and this group would understand. 

To top it off, I'll be triggering last week of this month and DH had to be OOT for work AGAIN. I don't know if I should even start the Clomid tomorrow. He's trying to get out of it. I'm frightened to do IUI because so many people I know have done it and had triplets, but it might be our only hope since TI doesn't seem to be on our side.  I know that multiples can be part of the deal but still makes me nervous. 

Sorry to just rant but I feel a little better. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! We are supposed to have nice weather here in Kentucky so hopefully they are right!

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Re: Friday Rant

  • So sorry and its ok to vent to us. I dont like to go to baby showers now, I get so mad and emotional at every baby anouncement. I feel like everyone should just know what I'm going thru and be considerate but they dont know and don't know how I feel. Is there a way of telling her that you don't feel up to it? 

    Sending you prayers 
  • i'm sorry... i totally get it.. at work today I got to listen to a group of people stand right by my desk talking about a baby shower for a coworker who is due 2 months before son's due date.... all of them know about my loss since i was 19 weeks when it happened... smh.... 

    and honestly i would tell her you can't do it.... you don't have the finances, or the bandwidth right now to plan a "sprinkle" (btw- i've kind of always hated baby showers....but i know that's just me) 
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  • you shouldn't have to do that.  I would not - just find a polite way of telling her.  Why put that financial burden on you?  I get it.  I'm so thankful for DD and she's such a blessing but Dang it  why has this become such a process to complete our family.  I get your fear of IUI.  I myself have a fear of trying clomid.  I'm afraid I'd actually be pregnant when having to take it and kill off an embryo.  Having gone thru a loss now I don't want another one.  Although if that were our only chance I'd suck it up and do it and just pray nothing was in there.
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  • @vlagrl29 @harleyquinn0621 @Labluver2

    Thank you for all of your support! I told her I can't plan anything right now, I'm just not in the right mindset. My sister understands and that's really all that matters to me. 

    On a great note, I got to thinking about when they scheduled my follicle check and it was a week too late. I called them this morning, got that changed, so based on that DH should be home when I need him to be for TI!! FX. 

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  • @katekate628 glad you got everything all worked out!!!
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