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March 2015 Moms

In law drama!!!!!

My daughter who is 2yrs old goes to bed at 8pm every night. I have a sister in law that lives in my town. She shows up to my house whenever she wants and walks right in.  She is use to this bc my husbands granmother lived with us and this was my nieces babysitter. After gram moved out my sister in law continues to do whatever she wants. So last night at 7pm she shows up and walks right in and up to the bedrooms where my husband was laying in bed watching tv and I was in my daughters room getting her Jammie's on. She was here until a little after 8pm. She had my daughter downstairs running around yelling, laughing, hiding and having fun. When she finally left... it was so hard to get my daughter to settle down. I finally got her to bed around 9pm. Today I asked my sister in law to refrain from coming to late. This was her reply "
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