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HDBD 5/10

 Brynlee's face when I told her she needed to ask for her bottle in a full sentence... lol

Brynlee loves playing outside and drawing with chalk :)

Re: HDBD 5/10

  • We went to Iceland last week! Here's DS looking out at the water. I swear he takes off running every time he's near the water. He just wants to swim!

    Here he is running from Europe to North America. This is the spot where the European and North American tectonic plates meet!
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    @Cricket99 I'm am SO JEALOUS of your trip!!!

    Still on the bottle but I can't be upset with bottle time snuggles!

    Being crazy with her sister at daddy's lacrosse game 

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    Feeling cool in our new pajamas!

  • mamadcbmamadcb
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    "Steering" the cart at Home Depot while I picked out paint colors for his little brother's room. 
  • A couple funny ones are all I've taken this week-- the first is because I wouldn't let her eat Apple Jacks for dinner. The second is starting our new schedule, and this is how Birdie feels about getting up at 5:45.
  • I always seem to have photos of her smiling with red sauce all over her. 
  • krrpe99krrpe99
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    It's fun to play on the "rides" at the mall... even when they're not running!
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