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pregnancy # 5

   This is my 5th pregnancy,I am 6weeks today.My 1st I had her in my 24th week she was 1lb 7oz 16inches long this was in 05, she is now 11 yrs old and healthy.I miscarried my 2nd in 07 and my 3rd in 2012.My 4th I went in to per trem labor doc didn't stop it it was a infection that went undetected and the doc had me deliver her I was 21 weeks in labor for 3 days she was in my cervix when she pass I lost a lot of blood and they couldn't get it to stop I was bleeding more than they could put in me the life flighted me to a bigger hospital where the had me in ICU for days and had to go in and make sure I didn't need a hysterectomy and that was in may 4th 2016 when I delivered her and I just found out I am 6 weeks.The doc now has me on progesterone pills and I have to get my blood drawn every 3days.I am scared I don't want to have to go threw another loss I wasn't trying we were on birth control.should I not get my hopes up? 

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  • Are you seeing a high risk OBGYN? How about Maternal and Fetal Health? If you are just seeing a regular OB, I think you need to ask for a rec to a specialist. Good luck. You've been through a lot. 
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  • I agree with peregrine.  This is my 4th pregnancy.  I have a 6 year old daugther and then mc, a year apart.  Somedays I get my hopes up and somedays I just can't let myself be excited because it will hurt too much if I do and then we love him.  Hang in there mama.  I'm hoping things go right for you this time!

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  • I know it's scary and exciting all at once... 
    I hope u are seeing a specialist.... also I quire about a cerclage
    Good luck!
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