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3rd Trimester

Masking liquid iron taste w/o juice, GD

First time posting, hoping you ladies can help. I have such a hard time swallowing pills, I've got gummy prenatals and liquid tylenol lol. My dr has me taking liquid iron supplements and needless to say, it is disgusting!!! I'm reading everywhere that mixing it with orange juice helps hide the taste but I have gestational diabetes and cannot drink orange juice or any juice. Any other ideas to help with the horrible blood/penny taste? 

What I've been doing is mixing a little water with it, downing it like a shot and chewing super sour vitamin c right afterwards to sort of shock my taste buds lol. But I'm still on the verge of throwing up every time I take it. 

Thanks in advance! :) 


  • Plug your nose and before you unplug it eat something you can tolerate with a strong taste (like something peppermint) or chase it down with lots of water before unplugging. You'll have to experiment for a bit but you'll feel so so so much better 
  • I'll definitely give it a try! Thanks for answering :) 
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