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Baby arrived early! TW Pre-term Labor


Re: Baby arrived early! TW Pre-term Labor

  • Congratulations!!! Eli is beautiful and I'm so happy you're all doing well!!!
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    Sweet baby boy arrived 7/7/17!
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    Congratulations momma! I am so glad things turned out for the best and that everyone is on the right track with recovery, sending lots of positive thoughts your way that you have smooth sailing until that precious boy gets to go home! He is a doll!

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  • Congratulations @Sassenach1743 ! Eli is absolutely precious and I'm so happy to hear he's thriving. Hoping he easily packs on the pounds in these next couple of months before you get to bring him home <3
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  • Congratulations! Welcome baby Eli, glad mamma and baby are healthy and doing well!
  • Congratulations @Sassenach1743!! Eli is precious and so happy to hear you're both doing well!
  • Congratulations mama! So glad to hear that both you and Eli are doing well. FX he is home with you soon. 
  • Congratulations!! Eli is beautiful <3 and I'm so happy to hear he's doing well!! Will also be thinking of you, as you navigate this time. Baby Eli will be home with you before you know it! 

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  • Wow, wow, and wow!!!! So happy there is a positive outcome and update!!!!! I'm actually crying reading this, happy tears, because everything turned out OKAY!!!!! 
  • Wow!!!  So glad you're both doing well and congrats on your new love @Sassenach1743!

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  • Congratulations!!!   He's precious!
  • Congrats! So happy to hear that everything turned out ok. Enjoy your new LO! 
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  • So glad to hear both you and baby Eli are doing well! Congratulations!
  • CejimlCejiml member
    Wat a blessing and so happy you are both doing well. Congratulations!! 
  • Rotu101Rotu101 member
    Congratulations and so happy both of you are healthy! 
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  • JAM85JAM85 member
    Congratulations! Happy everyone is healthy and doing well!
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  • Congratulations! I'm sorry for the scary delivery, but so glad he is doing well. He is just beautiful!
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  • Congratulations on the beautiful birth of your baby! Although it was not ideal it seems to have worked perfectly for both you and baby. I'm glad to hear that you and baby Eli are doing well. My prayers will be with you and your family! He is a fighter!! Grow baby Eli, grow!!
  • Congratulations! So glad you and Eli are doing well! 
  • Oh my goodness, congratulations!!! I am so glad that you and the very handsome Eli are doing well. I hope he gains weight quickly and can come home soon. T&Ps to you both. 
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  • mars8kmars8k member

    he's adorable! you must be so proud! i'm sorry you had such a scare but I’m glad you had a happy ending! I hope your lil guy is stronger than expected and gets to leave the NICU sooner than expected. The newborn phase is precious and in a way you get 2 extra months of it so you win!

    He already has such a great story to tell! To second pps please keep up updated.

  • Congratulations!! I hope his NICU stay goes well and is uneventful! He's beautiful!

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  • Congratulations to you and your husband on you beautiful little baby boy, Eli! So sorry you had to go through such a scary and stressful delivery, but I am thrilled to hear baby is doing so well, and you are recovering well. I'll keep you all in my thoughts. Congratulations again! I love his name, and he is adorable! 
  • Congratulations! I know I really don't post here anymore, but I am so happy to hear that you and your family are doing well. Eli is adorable!
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  • Congrats! What a sweetie! I'm sorry his birth was so scary, but I'm glad you and your little one are well!
  • He is so beautiful. I am practically sobbing. I hope all the best for your family!!!!
  • He is so beautiful! Congratulations! I hope he continues to progress well and that he is ready to come home soon! 
  • Wow! Congratulations to you and your family! Eli is a special little boy!
  • Just lurking and seeing this now, but WOW!!! Congratulations, mama!!!  So so happy and relieved that you are both doing well. ❤
  • XathXath member
    How are you and Eli doing @Sassenach1743?
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  • I almost started crying reading this! Im so glad you are both doing well and that you had a nice shower. Baby Eli is very strong and is definitely benefiting from your positivity! 
  • mamadcbmamadcb member
    @Sassenach1743 What a great update! Thank you for checking in-- I'm sure you're busy but we definitely all have you and Eli on our minds. I can't see any of the pics you posted for some reason, though! 
  • Thank you for checking in I was thinking of you guys. So glad to hear how well he is doing! 
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  • BusyZeeBusyZee member
    Awww this is too cute, im so happyyyy! That's all I can say!
    And please when you have the time I would love to see the pictures (somehow I can't!) 

  • Congratulations! I wish for the very best for your family. ❤❤
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  • XathXath member
    I'm so excited for this update.  Grow, little man, grow!
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  • Baby Eli is looking so strong! What a perfect Mother's Day gift to have the card, flower, and be able to hold him longer! Thank you for the update. I am so happy for your family and will continue to keep you in my prayers. 
  • *Fixed the photos in my previous post! 
    Omg!!  <3 So cute!
  • kat0607kat0607 member
    LOVE the photos!! It sounds like you had an amazing shower and Mother's Day, and that cupcake display is so adorable. Glad to hear Eli has been taking big strides too!! Congratulations again :heart:
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