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Starting DD in daycare part time, looking for advice which days.

When DD turns 22 months in August, she can start daycare. She is with a full time nanny now. 
I'm expecting our second girl in July. We want to start DD part time while I'm on leave, so 3 half days from 9-12:45. And switch to full time in October.

Is it better to do 3 subsequent days like Tue-Wed-Thu, or alternate days Mon/Wed/Fri? 
My theory is she should get used to going day after day, which is more realistic. 

Any other thoughts?

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Re: Starting DD in daycare part time, looking for advice which days.

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    All in a row is supposed to be better for them, especially at her age (cognizant of what is going on). May take some adjusting but hopefully it will be too much fun for her to care. I want to know where you can get such flexible day care hours!
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    Queens, NY.
    Thanks for the advice. 
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    ReadyForaBReadyForaB member
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    My son goes Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday.  We only did this because that’s what was available at the time but now I kind of like it. It gives him a taste of both a single day and consecutive days. He is a very go with the flow child. He’s 17 months now and started daycare at 11 weeks. 
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    Did you read the OP? Her kid will have been in daycare for months now.
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